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don't you worry. we are alive.

how did half a month go by without me posting??

oh i know: life happened. i decided to REALLY start designing blogs more. we flew to good 'ole idaho for a week...but now we are back! sorry i don't have any fun crafts to share...but i am working(wahaha, albeit slowly) on another printable for summer and one on a quote from conference. hopefully i can share those with you soon! in the mean time, go check out Lindsey's site(Pillow Thought) over here.

it's my most recent project. i hope you love it as much as i do-she was way easy to work with and has the greatest mom and tot ideas!

and now...

we're off to unpack some more......................just kidding. i did that like the second we got home saturday night (i am kind of a neat freak). but i should go start some dinner right now!

*what has your tuesday looked like?
mine=busy. but a good busy.

currently: monday morning ♥

i know it's going to be a beautiful day when i peek out Bronx's window and see this:

and immediately this song pops into my head:

What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong on Grooveshark

you know there will be a good run today, followed by a long walk. i cannot wait! here we are (not this morning, but last week):

 photo IMG_3266_zps4c9dc968.png

ha ha, my hand always looks funny when i try to hold the phone "just right". my hands are so small! we are enjoying yogurt this morning:
 photo YOGURT_zps6f718466.png

Tillamook is seriously the best. and i loooooove when their yogurt is on sale at Winco for 42¢!! i most definitely take advantage of that deal. oh! and this is the yummiest yogurt to eat with my granola recipe here.

happy Monday! make it a good one!

*do you have any fun plans this week?
not until Friday-it's our anniversary! eeee!

9 hours of sleep...and another freebie?

that's right. K was so tired after work yesterday that we found ourselves in bed at 10. which is crazy sounding because we are night owls to the max, but we were. he was out instantly, but i had just downloaded a new app (which i have now become obsessed with) so i didn't fall asleep until 11. more on that app later....!

it's saturday!! who would like a cute freebie printable today?

i threw this one together the same day i made my other spring printable. can i just say how much i love Lettering Delights? i know i haven't mentioned them in a while, but they have the cutest digital graphics and fonts around, and they are my first stop for when i'm looking for a project and am itching to create something! especially with my Silhouette. that's where i got the graphics for this printable! here is what i used:

i opened them in illustrator, and as you can see, played around with some different colors to match my table colors. here's what i ended up with:

   photo IMG_5773_zps58ac44e0.png

oh, i did add that little bubble and the "tweet tweet" myself. i thought it went well.  :) you can download 3 different versions of this 5x7 printable at the bottom of the post!*

in the mean time, i'm sorry that i've been missing for the past 2 days :( i have been busy designing a sweet new blog for a client and i cannot wait to show it off to you guys! it really has pushed me out of my comfort-zone and is helping me grow as a designer. my sis-in-law, who is in college and K's youngest sissy, texted me Thursday and said:

"Somebody kill me. 2 finals down 2 to go. The girl studying next to me is crying. I think she wants to die too."

to which i laughed and responded, and we started talking, and i ended up showing her what i was doing:

   photo IMG_3326_zpsf302dc2f.png

ha ha ha!
i seriously find reading about HTML fun. i know that's ridiculous, but that's the truth peeps. ha ha. and i should say here that Bird is a nickname, not her real name :)

okay, are you sick of hearing about all this and just want to download some cuteness?
*here you go!

5x7 green bird:

5x7 pink bird:

 and the orange bird with background (the one in my frame):
^^i know this one looks like a square, but when i was on Costco's photo site, i just cropped it to 5x7. it turned out fine and didn't hurt the resolution/picture at all!^^

i hope you're all having a fantastic Saturday!

freebie: spring printable

saturday afternoon K was working, and B was napping so i decided to create a new printable/subway art piece to put on my table. (i wanted to change out the "happy Easter" one, seen >here<) i had it printed yesterday, and it turned out better than i thought, so i wanted to share!

they are big (11x14) because that's the size my frame is on my table. and if you were wondering, i put the robin's-egg blue in mine :)

if you look closely you'll notice i caught 2 mistakes in mine, but i fixed them so yours will be better! see if you can find them^^ ha ha.

i love it, and i hope you do too! below are the downloads...


remember to make it a great Wednesday!

pom pom garland...banner thingy...

remember when i made these cute little flowers? and then when i said i might have to make myself a garland of them? behold:

(probably the crappiest picture ever, no? i apologize.)

Saturday morning i got my craft on while watching General Conference (a broadcast for my church, it's a semi-annual thing. learn more here). this is what my little craft table looked like:

 photo IMG_5741_zpsb27a2285.png

 photo IMG_5739_zps00182af6.png

and this was just the beginning.

 photo IMG_5745_zps8608d68d.png

how do you use up an entire bundle of yarn in one sitting?

 photo IMG_5744_zps3bcb9b75.png

you make a pom pom garland.

go check out Geri's post on how to make these fun things over >>here!<<

you can't really tell, but i did alternated between big and small pom poms on my garland. my big ones were the size of what Geri calls her small ones. did i loose ya? in other words, on my garland above i used 20 big pom poms (3 fingers, wrap yarn 90x), and 19 small pom poms (2 fingers, wrap yarn 45x). hope that helps! it was totally fast and fun. the thing that took me the longest was simply hanging it up!

*have you made these cute things yet?

*have you ever made something with yarn before? it's okay if you haven't :) i don't judge

nails: coral and silver moons

ever since i saw these nails over on Hello Fashion, i have been dying to duplicate them. i did so for the first time over the Easter weekend, but didn't do a post to show off the lovelies, because (in my oppinion) i had hurried and they didn't look their best. here's the iphone snap that i showed my mom and sissys:

(blaaah. and see how thick the purple was? which, it doesn't even look purple here because of the lighting...)

i decided to paint them that way again (with a color change, obvi.) while watching conference. would you like to see?

 photo IMG_5746_zps3f383d58.png

i know i just did them coral, but i am loving that color so much right now that i had to use it again.

 photo IMG_5749_zps9b59a956.png

the colors:
sally hansen: hard as nails, pumping iron(850)
sally hansen: hard as nails/extreme wear, coral reef(405)
new york color: matte me crazy

 photo IMG_5751_zpscb98e7b5.png
(binder ring enforcements, got mine at Walmart)

and how it all went down:

1. paint base coat silver, dry(i let mine dry overnight)
2. cut binder rings in half, tape to bottom of fingers:

   photo IMG_3256_zps2f2bd008.jpg
(crazy how the color looks so different under all the various lighting, huh?!)

3. paint top color coral, dry(let it dry competely or you'll get messy lines when you try to pull up the tape!)
4. remove tape
5. top coat matte...now ooo and ahh and be proud of yourself for doing something different and cool!

*what are you doing this Monday morning?
Bronx and i were able to get a run in as soon as K headed out to work, this morning. he's napping now....and i should go get in the shower!

Insanity: beginning phase 2...again

whew. here's a late post for ya! but better late than never :) yesterday i entered phase 2 of Insanity. and it is kicking. my. trash.
because i've been running on good (non-rainy) days, i'm not 100% on track with the calendar/days schedule, but i am still trying to do every workout. 

but so yeah. phase two...it's already killer! ha ha. i thought that maybe the second time around it'd be easier, but nope. it still is hard, my legs still burn, and i still sweat like a pig. it's all sorts of lovely over here when i'm working out. K had the past two days off, and laughs every time he catches me doing them (which is why i try to do them suuper early while he's still sleeping!). but i don't blame him. i'd laugh at me too if i was watching me from a distance :)

my body is aching today and i LOVE that feeling. sometimes i like to pretend my muscles are telling me: dang girl. you worked us out good! ...ha ha! just kidding. but you know that feeling when you're proud because you know you did your best? yeah. on the last circuit (of the max interval circuit-what i did yesterday) you do what are called "plank punches", and MAN it takes all of my will-power to get myself to do 30 seconds of punching, and then just try to hold out the other 30! it makes my shoulders burn to the max.

 photo IMG_5589_zpsa583fabc.jpg

besides doing crunches after workouts, i have been doing some wall sits. i haven't done them in forever and they burn!

 photo IMG_2957_zpsdcba1358.jpg

this is how all of my workouts end up. the little babe-ster gets underfoot as soon as the mat comes out. he freaking loves that thing. i'll be laying on it, doing crunches, and B comes crawling up to me at lightning speed and he'll just crawl all the way around my body trying to see and feel more of the mat! it's so funny to watch! i have to distract him with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to be able to finish my stretching. 

we're pretty excited it's Friday, and are looking forward to watching General Conference tomorrow(click >>here<< to learn more)!

*did you have a good workout this week? ...one that made you almost want to cry?!

new here? you can read more of my post-pregnancy workouts over here.

a birthday card with washi tape

i don't remember how i found out about Pick Your Plum. most likely i saw it from a status on Facebook(click here to like them on Facebook). regardless, i'm so happy i did find out about this site because they have so many cool, fun, and cute items! Pick Your Plum is a business located in Utah, that posts new deals each morning. they kind of remind me of GroupDealz(if you've heard of them..). back in February i happened to check my email early enough to see this sweet deal of the day:

i am slightly obsessed with washi tape, and so of course i snatched up these ones! i mean, just look at those fun prints and bold colors? i'd be crazy not to have.. :)

now fast-forward to a few days ago when i checked the mailbox...

 photo IMG_3135_zps75fcfcdb.jpg

yay! they came! i wanted to use them right away and since my little sister's birthday was coming up (it's actually today, and she's thirteen-yeesh!), i decided to make her a birthday card.

before we start, let's just take a moment to gaze upon the beauty of the washi tape..

   photo IMG_5731_zps03670f82.png


 photo IMG_5732_zps0249127f.png


 photo IMG_5728_zps281483c8.png

i grabbed some white cardstock, some bakers twine(bought here)*, and my little case of washi tape(the others you see are from Target and Craft Warehouse-ps Craft Warehouse has some dang cute designs on sale when i went in last week!)

*about this little pack i bought: i didn't realize how tiny the spools actually were! so i don't recommend buying this set, but i do know Craft Warehouse had a dang good deal on some big spools last time i went in. if you have one by you, i'd check there first.

i wanted to create a banner look across the card, so i punched holes in the card with a pencil (just like i did for this project). 
tip: don't use a pencil (it leaves marks that i had to erase). instead, use something similar that won't leave residue (maybe like a toothpick).

 photo IMG_5736_zpsb284a0e9.png

i threaded the string through and tied a knot on the underside/inside of the card. then i started adding my tape.

 photo IMG_5738_zps85c134e9.png

then i cut the washi tape to look how i wanted, and wrote the "happy birthday" on. so it ended up looking like this:

 photo IMG_5737_zps03fd8a35.png

super simple.
(and looking at it now i wish i had not tied the orange string so tight!)

*what are you doing today?
K has the day off (i know, he has the most random schedule sometimes...) and we might go test drive some cars!


i have a funny story to tell today. it actually happened two months ago, and i noted it in my phone so i could remember. well, i keep seeing my note and ignoring it, but now i want to tell about it. (ha ha-how's that for an introduction? blah blah).

(source-ps click and read the story behind the picture! it's pretty cool!)

i was driving down the road one afternoon and got stopped at a red light. i noticed the car in front of me had two passengers-a male and female-and i noticed that the guy kept leaning over a lot. like, a lot a lot. when the light turned green for us to go, he (the guy driving) was slow to accelerate because his lips were still locked on hers. ugh. i am already an impatient driver and cannot stand when people drive under the speed limit, so i moved to the next lane to pass. plus, i was getting pretty sick of watching this couple make out. oh brother-these kids need to get a room! okay, wait. not really. that would probably be bad...ugh! and as i came up on their left, i stole a glance inside and saw that they were not kids at all, but a very elderly couple. (in my defense: the windows were tinted and he wore a baseball hat-thus the "young" look throw-off. ha ha) 

 photo IMG_0031-1.jpg

in an instant my feelings of disgust and annoyance were replaced with: awe...(laughing to self) that is so cute! 

as i write this, i realize that the reason i think this is so cute(and why i wanted to write about it now), is because this month will mark K and my 5 year anniversary. we've already been through so much and grown tremendously in these past 5 little years...i can't help but wonder how it will be when we celebrate 10 years, or 20 years...or 50 years! i do hope it's filled with some car-kissin'-pda. :)

   photo IMG_0031-1.jpg

and here are some of my favorite pins about love. just because.

*hmm. what do you think about pda?