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pom pom garland...banner thingy...

remember when i made these cute little flowers? and then when i said i might have to make myself a garland of them? behold:

(probably the crappiest picture ever, no? i apologize.)

Saturday morning i got my craft on while watching General Conference (a broadcast for my church, it's a semi-annual thing. learn more here). this is what my little craft table looked like:

 photo IMG_5741_zpsb27a2285.png

 photo IMG_5739_zps00182af6.png

and this was just the beginning.

 photo IMG_5745_zps8608d68d.png

how do you use up an entire bundle of yarn in one sitting?

 photo IMG_5744_zps3bcb9b75.png

you make a pom pom garland.

go check out Geri's post on how to make these fun things over >>here!<<

you can't really tell, but i did alternated between big and small pom poms on my garland. my big ones were the size of what Geri calls her small ones. did i loose ya? in other words, on my garland above i used 20 big pom poms (3 fingers, wrap yarn 90x), and 19 small pom poms (2 fingers, wrap yarn 45x). hope that helps! it was totally fast and fun. the thing that took me the longest was simply hanging it up!

*have you made these cute things yet?

*have you ever made something with yarn before? it's okay if you haven't :) i don't judge


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