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nails: coral and silver moons

ever since i saw these nails over on Hello Fashion, i have been dying to duplicate them. i did so for the first time over the Easter weekend, but didn't do a post to show off the lovelies, because (in my oppinion) i had hurried and they didn't look their best. here's the iphone snap that i showed my mom and sissys:

(blaaah. and see how thick the purple was? which, it doesn't even look purple here because of the lighting...)

i decided to paint them that way again (with a color change, obvi.) while watching conference. would you like to see?

 photo IMG_5746_zps3f383d58.png

i know i just did them coral, but i am loving that color so much right now that i had to use it again.

 photo IMG_5749_zps9b59a956.png

the colors:
sally hansen: hard as nails, pumping iron(850)
sally hansen: hard as nails/extreme wear, coral reef(405)
new york color: matte me crazy

 photo IMG_5751_zpscb98e7b5.png
(binder ring enforcements, got mine at Walmart)

and how it all went down:

1. paint base coat silver, dry(i let mine dry overnight)
2. cut binder rings in half, tape to bottom of fingers:

   photo IMG_3256_zps2f2bd008.jpg
(crazy how the color looks so different under all the various lighting, huh?!)

3. paint top color coral, dry(let it dry competely or you'll get messy lines when you try to pull up the tape!)
4. remove tape
5. top coat matte...now ooo and ahh and be proud of yourself for doing something different and cool!

*what are you doing this Monday morning?
Bronx and i were able to get a run in as soon as K headed out to work, this morning. he's napping now....and i should go get in the shower!

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