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Insanity: beginning phase 2...again

whew. here's a late post for ya! but better late than never :) yesterday i entered phase 2 of Insanity. and it is kicking. my. trash.
because i've been running on good (non-rainy) days, i'm not 100% on track with the calendar/days schedule, but i am still trying to do every workout. 

but so yeah. phase two...it's already killer! ha ha. i thought that maybe the second time around it'd be easier, but nope. it still is hard, my legs still burn, and i still sweat like a pig. it's all sorts of lovely over here when i'm working out. K had the past two days off, and laughs every time he catches me doing them (which is why i try to do them suuper early while he's still sleeping!). but i don't blame him. i'd laugh at me too if i was watching me from a distance :)

my body is aching today and i LOVE that feeling. sometimes i like to pretend my muscles are telling me: dang girl. you worked us out good! ...ha ha! just kidding. but you know that feeling when you're proud because you know you did your best? yeah. on the last circuit (of the max interval circuit-what i did yesterday) you do what are called "plank punches", and MAN it takes all of my will-power to get myself to do 30 seconds of punching, and then just try to hold out the other 30! it makes my shoulders burn to the max.

 photo IMG_5589_zpsa583fabc.jpg

besides doing crunches after workouts, i have been doing some wall sits. i haven't done them in forever and they burn!

 photo IMG_2957_zpsdcba1358.jpg

this is how all of my workouts end up. the little babe-ster gets underfoot as soon as the mat comes out. he freaking loves that thing. i'll be laying on it, doing crunches, and B comes crawling up to me at lightning speed and he'll just crawl all the way around my body trying to see and feel more of the mat! it's so funny to watch! i have to distract him with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to be able to finish my stretching. 

we're pretty excited it's Friday, and are looking forward to watching General Conference tomorrow(click >>here<< to learn more)!

*did you have a good workout this week? ...one that made you almost want to cry?!

new here? you can read more of my post-pregnancy workouts over here.


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