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a birthday card with washi tape

i don't remember how i found out about Pick Your Plum. most likely i saw it from a status on Facebook(click here to like them on Facebook). regardless, i'm so happy i did find out about this site because they have so many cool, fun, and cute items! Pick Your Plum is a business located in Utah, that posts new deals each morning. they kind of remind me of GroupDealz(if you've heard of them..). back in February i happened to check my email early enough to see this sweet deal of the day:

i am slightly obsessed with washi tape, and so of course i snatched up these ones! i mean, just look at those fun prints and bold colors? i'd be crazy not to have.. :)

now fast-forward to a few days ago when i checked the mailbox...

 photo IMG_3135_zps75fcfcdb.jpg

yay! they came! i wanted to use them right away and since my little sister's birthday was coming up (it's actually today, and she's thirteen-yeesh!), i decided to make her a birthday card.

before we start, let's just take a moment to gaze upon the beauty of the washi tape..

   photo IMG_5731_zps03670f82.png


 photo IMG_5732_zps0249127f.png


 photo IMG_5728_zps281483c8.png

i grabbed some white cardstock, some bakers twine(bought here)*, and my little case of washi tape(the others you see are from Target and Craft Warehouse-ps Craft Warehouse has some dang cute designs on sale when i went in last week!)

*about this little pack i bought: i didn't realize how tiny the spools actually were! so i don't recommend buying this set, but i do know Craft Warehouse had a dang good deal on some big spools last time i went in. if you have one by you, i'd check there first.

i wanted to create a banner look across the card, so i punched holes in the card with a pencil (just like i did for this project). 
tip: don't use a pencil (it leaves marks that i had to erase). instead, use something similar that won't leave residue (maybe like a toothpick).

 photo IMG_5736_zpsb284a0e9.png

i threaded the string through and tied a knot on the underside/inside of the card. then i started adding my tape.

 photo IMG_5738_zps85c134e9.png

then i cut the washi tape to look how i wanted, and wrote the "happy birthday" on. so it ended up looking like this:

 photo IMG_5737_zps03fd8a35.png

super simple.
(and looking at it now i wish i had not tied the orange string so tight!)

*what are you doing today?
K has the day off (i know, he has the most random schedule sometimes...) and we might go test drive some cars!


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