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i have a funny story to tell today. it actually happened two months ago, and i noted it in my phone so i could remember. well, i keep seeing my note and ignoring it, but now i want to tell about it. (ha ha-how's that for an introduction? blah blah).

(source-ps click and read the story behind the picture! it's pretty cool!)

i was driving down the road one afternoon and got stopped at a red light. i noticed the car in front of me had two passengers-a male and female-and i noticed that the guy kept leaning over a lot. like, a lot a lot. when the light turned green for us to go, he (the guy driving) was slow to accelerate because his lips were still locked on hers. ugh. i am already an impatient driver and cannot stand when people drive under the speed limit, so i moved to the next lane to pass. plus, i was getting pretty sick of watching this couple make out. oh brother-these kids need to get a room! okay, wait. not really. that would probably be bad...ugh! and as i came up on their left, i stole a glance inside and saw that they were not kids at all, but a very elderly couple. (in my defense: the windows were tinted and he wore a baseball hat-thus the "young" look throw-off. ha ha) 

 photo IMG_0031-1.jpg

in an instant my feelings of disgust and annoyance were replaced with: awe...(laughing to self) that is so cute! 

as i write this, i realize that the reason i think this is so cute(and why i wanted to write about it now), is because this month will mark K and my 5 year anniversary. we've already been through so much and grown tremendously in these past 5 little years...i can't help but wonder how it will be when we celebrate 10 years, or 20 years...or 50 years! i do hope it's filled with some car-kissin'-pda. :)

   photo IMG_0031-1.jpg

and here are some of my favorite pins about love. just because.

*hmm. what do you think about pda?


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