tuesday tangents: disney parents

i might as well admit it now that i am a huge Disney channel fan. i'm not talking Disney movies today, strictly the Disney channel. (funny that i'm talking t.v. considering the hubby just came up with this idea which is in effect as of right now...but anyways...)


so i love the Disney channel, but lately something has been bugging me. well, i just put my finger down hard on it: the parents.

one of my new pet peeves is when i see parents acting like idiots. granted, there really are parents out there in the real world that act like idots-heh heh, and i know i've had my own moments-but when these parents are all over the media, and now being thrown into Disney channel shows....grrr! i hate it. kids don't need to see that. it only makes them think: gee, all parents must be that dumb. what losers. 

this is the first show that pushed me over the edge:

 photo ea_dwab_family_zpsca1c804b.png

Dog with a Blog. (yeah, ironic how i'm currently blogging right now huh?) have you heard of it? seen it?! well, you're not missing much. for me, the only redeeming actress in here is Genevieve Hannelius. she's the freaking cutest. but that's it. they(whoever "they" are-the director?) portray the parents in such an awful light, making them come across as complete numskulls.

 photo Dog-with-a-Blog_510x317_zps6f0bec85.jpg

the next show that also has this trait is called Ant Farm:

 photo Ant-Farm-ant-farm-31986839-1280-1024_zps946f654a.jpg

it's cute, you don't see the mom as much, but the dad is, again, portrayed as the unknowing/clueless father figure. he's even a cop in the show! what the heck?! do they want kids associating cops with idots? i don't even know.

 photo screenshot2_zpsc92f4966.jpg

this last one i like (maybe just because i'm an Ashley Tisdale fan?...don't hate me) is Phineas and Ferb:

 photo P_and_F_Logo_zps312a9d0d.jpg

but even these kids have brainless parents. the dad is the worst-just always off in his own little world of nonsense.

 photo phineas-and-ferb-image_zpsf52dbda7.jpg

perhaps the one show i started hating the most because of the main actress (Bridget Mendler), i ended up liking the most because of the mom (Leigh-Allyn Baker).

 photo Good-Luck-Charlie-S3-Intro-600x337_zps440d8fb9.png

she's not "perfect"(who is?!) but even though she has her silly diva moments, i feel like the show does a good job at displaying this mom's awareness for her family's needs. she cracks down on their shenanigans. and i like that.

 photo glc-3x02-badluckteddy-001_zps97c888a4.jpg

i get that these are shows geared for young adolescents, and that they're supposed to be funny, but why put so much idiocy on the parent figures? i just can't stand it. how are kids going to grow up appreciating and respecting their parents when all they see is how inadequate and stupid they are via television?

gaa. sorry for the vent. does anyone else see this too? am i being too harsh a judge? i guess i feel stronger about this issue due to the fact that i now have a baby of my own, that will eventually be watching t.v. shows like this. and i don't want him thinking i'm a clueless wonder. ha ha. (but seriously!)

*are you a Disney channel fan? have a favorite show?

*what do you think about the parent figures in these shows?


  1. I have been thinking about this sort of topic lately as well. We don't have tv so I have never heard of the shows you are talking about haha but we watch a lot of stuff online and I like ABC family.

    I feel like every kid on any of those shows are always SUCH brats. I dont know if this is the same with the disney channel but it drives me nuts and it makes me not want to have my own kids watch the shows because I dont want them thinking it is okay for them to act like that.

    I do wonder though if portraying the parents as idiots is somehow funny to kids? Because yes it is totally geared towards kids but I think instead of teaching kids they can get away with crap because the parents are idiots they should be more real-life situations. I dont know... I am kinda babbling and probably not making sense :)

    1. no! that's exactly how i feel! ha i wish i had explained it like you! but yeah, i don't want Bronx watching shows like this. why do you think they portray them that way?! it drives me nuts. don't we want our kids to learn and respect us?

  2. I have only seen Phineas and Ferb of the above list but I totally agree. There are so many shows out there that portray the parents as idiots. It's so annoying. Also, all the commercials that portray dads as incompetent and the wives know everything are also REALLY annoying. Men aren't these stupid people that the media portrays them as. I really try to keep a keen eye on the shows that my kids watch, because there are so many 'kid' shows that are totally not appropriate!

    1. totally yes to "portrays dads as incompetent"! it's sad that some people really feel that way.

  3. Okay here goes me:
    I am a HUGE Disney Dork. I LOVE Disneyland. We went there on our Honeymoon. And our 1st Anniversary. I'm talking Disneyland Hotel and breakfast with Goofy sort of fanatics. I'm talking bawl my eyes out at the end of the trip on our last night of fireworks. Joey and I love Disneyland. LOVE IT!

    We love all the old cartoons. I love Walt. Love it. Love it!
    We LOVE Disney movies. LOVE THEM!
    And as a kid (and maybe a teenager....) I loved the Disney Channel, too. All those Disney Channel Original movies? A new one every month? Sign me up! LOVE IT!
    Another wonderful thing about Disney and their movies is they make them enjoyable for all ages without resulting to cheap tricks. IE: Disney movies have minimal to zero potty-humor and they never have jokes that kids don't get but adults do. I HATE it when there is a dirty joke in a kids show or movie that they sneak in to make the adults laugh while it zooms over the kids head! ARG!

    But then, to my horror: Hannah Montana....
    And it has gone downhill from there. I just ignore the Disney Channel now. Seriously, some laaame shows. But we also haven't had cable in a while...

    Except Phineas and Ferb. Whenever Sunshine watches Netflix I try to talk him into watching it because I love it. It's witty and creative and funny. And the kids are just being an exaggerated version of what kids should be doing during the summer.

    And about the parents-being-idiots thing... It is all about getting the kids into the show. Because every kids sort of thinks their parent is totally out of touch. And psychologically kids like to imagine or pretend they are in charge of themselves without any authority telling them what to do. That's why a lot of children and young adult Lit involves kids with absent parents. It’s all about getting the kids sucked in!!!

    K sorry to novel-it-up here. I just can't resist slipping my Disney-Dork insights!

    1. no don't be sorry! i always love reading what you have to say! awe. you just made me want to go watch the Disneyland fireworks! dangit. oh my gosh to Hannah Montana-you're right. it definitely has gone downhill since then. lame. and i do get that they need to get their attention somehow...i just wish they wouldn't play to the parents "stupidity" as much.. :(


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