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spring love ♥

it's been a great relaxing weekend, and spring is in full swing over here! we are loving every second of it. especially when we get 3 days straight with blue skies!! whaa?? no lie folks. we ran outside every single one of those beautiful days. today i thought it'd be nice just to share some favorite snapshots of this weekend:

  photo springlove1_zpse977dd4b.png
 photo springlove2_zps54ba6d00.png

1 i am loving my new blue skinnys from Target. they have the cutest colors at the best prices! i want every color. (sshhhh-don't tell my hubby! :) ha ha babe, if you're here, you're not supposed to be reading this! look away!) along with those, i also am loving flats more, and these grey ones i got from Payless a year (hmm, or two) ago are my favorite go-to pair.
2 like i said, we ran outside lots this weekend. that was in the mornings. we also went on lots of long walks in the afternoons. yay for B sitting in his stroller without the carseat! i love his little chunky legs! (and leg warmers!)
3 the a/c was officially turned on. this is a big deal people.
4 everywhere i go i see these gorgeous "popcorn" trees lining the roads, driveways, and front yards. i love them! they are the best things ever here in Oregon, and they add the perfect pop of color and give me more of that spring feeling.

yay for mondays! go make it a good one :)

*what is your favorite spring clothing item right now?

*what was your favorite part about this weekend?!
this pic:
   photo IMG_0463copy2_zpsad423e12.png

and dressing Bronx in his first little Sunday suit. you can go see more of that cuteness >>over here!<<


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