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last minute Easter basket

so there are a lot of cute Easter baskets out there. the one i wanted was from Target, but was $12 and i couldn't get myself to spend that much on a one-time use (because they ALWAYS get thrown out no matter how hard i try to save them...). but i also didn't want to buy one of the $2 ones you see everywhere either. i think those ones are ugg. hmm. yeah, i'm picky. so now what do i do? i want need to have an Easter basket for Easter.

well, i was cleaning out my fridge Thursday when i came across an almost empty butter tub. light bulb!

yes. i made an Easter basket out of a tub of butter. call me a genius why dontcha. ha ha. (just kidding) but this turned out better than i expected so i decided to share. who knows, maybe someone reading will be in the same predicament as me and need a last-minute basket fix. :)

prepare to be amazed. here's what i did:

   photo IMG_5684_zpsc21f0c1b.png photo IMG_5688_zps321f32c9.png  photo IMG_5689_zpsab5c24cc.png  photo IMG_5692_zps0fde297b.png  photo IMG_5695_zpsdacac5bb.png
 photo IMG_5698_zps673845c3.png

the supplies: (all found around the house=score)
• empty tub of butter
• wire hanger
• fabric scraps
• fabric scissors
• mod podge
• foam brush
• paper plate
• duct tape

the steps:
1//i washed out an empty tub of butter and found an old hanger from the closet. this was surprising actually, because we have all white plastic hangers now. but luckily this wire one was one of two that we still have somehow. perfect. i bent it as best i could to form a handle.

2//i gathered my basket filling, mod podge, and fabric scraps. you'll soon see that i opted for a white handle instead of the polka-dotted green fabric you see.

3//mod podged the tub of butter with grey chevron fabric. looking better already, right? (i got distracted here and also started mod podging plastic Easter eggs, but gave up because it was taking way too much time. and i didn't have that kind of patience. ha ha. so those are the two eggs you see in the pics.)

4//duct taped the wire frame to the inside of the tub.

5//cut up lots of white fabric into strips about 1/2'' wide (doesn't matter how long as long as you can tie it). began to tie the strips of fabric to the wire frame. this part took the longest.

6//tada! not a shabby basket eh? now fill it with lots of goodies!

happy Easter weekend!

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