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the table: easter decor

i don't know if it's because i have a kid now, or i've simply been being lazy, but i have been so slow at getting my decorations up this year! (i think it might just be the latter reason...heheh) Easter is in two more days. two! and i barely changed out my table decor for the holiday. but better late than never. would you like to see?

   photo IMG_5672square_zps0b507103.png

i take back what i said about being lazy. i know the reason it took me so long to set up this table was because i didn't have any real direction, and i didn't know how i wanted it to look. however, i randomly remembered this post that Geri wrote and viola! i had a place to start.

 photo IMG_5677copy_zps50066185.png

 photo IMG_5675copy_zps9600e00d.png

lets start from the top.

 • pom poms: hands down these are my favorite things about the table. and like i said, the inspiration came from Geri's blog, over here. i was worried that making my own pom poms would take forever, but no! they are quick. i promise. and i might just go on a rampage over here and make myself a pom pom garland soon...seriously. so easy!
• the bunny: i cut using my MTC software with my SilhouetteSD. the frame is from Hobby Lobby.
• the banners: the triangle one i first made and used here, for Valentine's Day. the purple scalloped one i cut using my SilhouetteSD. it's the same scrapbook paper that's behind the "happy easter" sign.
• the jars: like the many times before, i employ pickle jars filled with tulle. and more pom poms! the lids are just spray painted white. the stands they are on are from Walmart. i actually was wishing i had kept my glitter eggs from last year, to put in a jar, but i'm pretty sure they got thrown away in one of our recent moves. however, i do love that the tulle looks like cotton candy!
• happy easter sign: i cut a grey cardstock paper, and placed a piece of purple scrapbook paper behind it. the fonts are:
"happy"=Stars From Our Eyes(download here) and
"easter"=Tan Patty(download here).

we were at the mall earlier this week and i took Bronx by the "Easter bunny" in hopes that it would spike his interest, but no. he barely glanced at the ginormous pink bunny. he was way more interested in the little kids skipping around beside us. ah well... even though B is really young, and doesn't get what's going on,  i still find myself getting more and more excited for it to be his first Easter. there's just something cool about the "firsts".

i hope you have a fun filled weekend that involves awesome candy and a cool scavenger hunt!

*what is your favorite Easter candy?
mini Cadbury eggs. oh man i love those caramel-filled delights!

*do you have any Easter traditions besides the egg hunt?
getting down more into the true meaning of Easter-my mom would always give a cool lesson about Christ's death and the Resurrection. she had this egg carton filled with symbolic items that would coordinate to the scriptures as we read. and all of us kids looooved being able to open each egg and see what was inside as the story progressed :) it definitely held my attention, and i can't wait to do something similar for Bronx.


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