Blogger: Tips and Tricks

I am trying to contain my excitement right now.
I have a special couple of posts coming your way!
All inspired by you and your questions.
I've had friends and family ask multiple times about how to add one thing and get rid of another....
I'm going to try and explain it all.
Or at least point you in the right direction!

First off,
you have to realize that I'm a blogging fanatic.
I love it.
My personal blog is like my journal and this one is for expressing my creativity,
and I want both to be as cute as possible!
Another thing-
I think it's FUN to play around with HTML codes.
So a lot of these tips came after long hours spent surfing the net,
typing in the right key phrases,
and lots of trial and error.
Also {last thing i promise},
my main blog {Him plus Her} and this one {Miss Audrey Sue} both have the older style blogger template {Minima}.
I started this blog off with the new style template {a Josh Peterson simple style}.
There are advantages to both,
but I really liked the old style template because I'm used to that HTML and can edit it fast.
The new style I haven't took time to really figure out {it's CSS},
but since blogger added the new "Template Designer" feature,
it doesn't matter too much.
I will try to help with both!

Stop chatting and give us the info you say?
I'll start you off today with a list of links that I have saved to my favorites bar.
I find them super helpful and informative:

*FYI: This will continue to get updated as I find more awesome sites to share!

Are you getting excited to learn more?
Cuz I am soooo ready to help!


  1. ahh i am so like you on trying to master editing blogger myself! I will have to start sending people your way when i get questions! sometimes i just dont have the patience :)... ok so i would love to know how you did your blogger tabs up top like a banner! thats the one thing i havent mastered or researched.. but i have the new template for pillow thought and personal blog and old template for photoblog. is it even possible to have a fun blog tabs on the new blogger template?
    ok i just wrote you a novel..

  2. I think yes. I'll look more into it. Haha-i have a whole post coming up on this too!! You will like it!

  3. I am excited to read future posts :) and get our blog going and cute :)


I love hearing what you have to say!