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don't you worry. we are alive.

how did half a month go by without me posting??

oh i know: life happened. i decided to REALLY start designing blogs more. we flew to good 'ole idaho for a week...but now we are back! sorry i don't have any fun crafts to share...but i am working(wahaha, albeit slowly) on another printable for summer and one on a quote from conference. hopefully i can share those with you soon! in the mean time, go check out Lindsey's site(Pillow Thought) over here.

it's my most recent project. i hope you love it as much as i do-she was way easy to work with and has the greatest mom and tot ideas!

and now...

we're off to unpack some more......................just kidding. i did that like the second we got home saturday night (i am kind of a neat freak). but i should go start some dinner right now!

*what has your tuesday looked like?
mine=busy. but a good busy.

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