currently: monday morning ♥

i know it's going to be a beautiful day when i peek out Bronx's window and see this:

and immediately this song pops into my head:

What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong on Grooveshark

you know there will be a good run today, followed by a long walk. i cannot wait! here we are (not this morning, but last week):

 photo IMG_3266_zps4c9dc968.png

ha ha, my hand always looks funny when i try to hold the phone "just right". my hands are so small! we are enjoying yogurt this morning:
 photo YOGURT_zps6f718466.png

Tillamook is seriously the best. and i loooooove when their yogurt is on sale at Winco for 42¢!! i most definitely take advantage of that deal. oh! and this is the yummiest yogurt to eat with my granola recipe here.

happy Monday! make it a good one!

*do you have any fun plans this week?
not until Friday-it's our anniversary! eeee!


  1. you can only see half of you in that picture but you look SOOO pretty! cute shot. : )

  2. okay I guess you can see most of you but your face is kind of hidden. I love it! you look great and skinny : )


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