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9 hours of sleep...and another freebie?

that's right. K was so tired after work yesterday that we found ourselves in bed at 10. which is crazy sounding because we are night owls to the max, but we were. he was out instantly, but i had just downloaded a new app (which i have now become obsessed with) so i didn't fall asleep until 11. more on that app later....!

it's saturday!! who would like a cute freebie printable today?

i threw this one together the same day i made my other spring printable. can i just say how much i love Lettering Delights? i know i haven't mentioned them in a while, but they have the cutest digital graphics and fonts around, and they are my first stop for when i'm looking for a project and am itching to create something! especially with my Silhouette. that's where i got the graphics for this printable! here is what i used:

i opened them in illustrator, and as you can see, played around with some different colors to match my table colors. here's what i ended up with:

   photo IMG_5773_zps58ac44e0.png

oh, i did add that little bubble and the "tweet tweet" myself. i thought it went well.  :) you can download 3 different versions of this 5x7 printable at the bottom of the post!*

in the mean time, i'm sorry that i've been missing for the past 2 days :( i have been busy designing a sweet new blog for a client and i cannot wait to show it off to you guys! it really has pushed me out of my comfort-zone and is helping me grow as a designer. my sis-in-law, who is in college and K's youngest sissy, texted me Thursday and said:

"Somebody kill me. 2 finals down 2 to go. The girl studying next to me is crying. I think she wants to die too."

to which i laughed and responded, and we started talking, and i ended up showing her what i was doing:

   photo IMG_3326_zpsf302dc2f.png

ha ha ha!
i seriously find reading about HTML fun. i know that's ridiculous, but that's the truth peeps. ha ha. and i should say here that Bird is a nickname, not her real name :)

okay, are you sick of hearing about all this and just want to download some cuteness?
*here you go!

5x7 green bird:

5x7 pink bird:

 and the orange bird with background (the one in my frame):
^^i know this one looks like a square, but when i was on Costco's photo site, i just cropped it to 5x7. it turned out fine and didn't hurt the resolution/picture at all!^^

i hope you're all having a fantastic Saturday!

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