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freebie: ipad wallpapers

july has always been a fun month for me with lots of BBQs, fireworks, campouts, bonfires, and swimming. and then there's my birthday at the end. today i am a quarter of a century old...i mean...young. haha (yes, Bronx and my birthday's are exactly 1 week apart! cool, huh?).

it kind of came early this year when Kevin surprised me with an ipad! we had been looking into getting one for a while, and tested out a bunch of different brands, but kept coming back to the ipad because -when it came down it it- we are familiar with it, and we have iphones. so when we were out a couple weeks ago getting Bronx's birthday presents, and saw a deal at Target where you get a $50 gift card with purchase of the ipad....Kevin turned to me and said: "You're gonna end up getting one anyways, because i was going to surprise you for your birthday...we might as well get some money back for spending so much!" hah. true that. so we snatched it up.

oh my gosh. i have been loving this baby! i have a post started on my favorite apps and features of it, which i'll have to share soon. in the mean time, what is the first thing i wanted to do with it when i opened it? create some cute wallpapers of course! so here is my gift to you today:

you might remember seeing that fun aztec background on my sister's blog design here. i loved it so much that i wanted it for my ipad wallpaper, and so i fixed and adjusted it to fit right for the ipad. and as you can see, i have the "oh hey there" set as my lock screen. these are simple, but were so fun to whip up. i'll definitely be sharing more with you in the future! as for now, here's 5 you can download and use yourself:


details: 2048x2048px, 300dpi

*which one is your favorite?

*it's FRIDAY! are you doing anything fun today/this evening?!
the birthday person always gets to choose where we go out for dinner, and since i LOVE breakfast for dinner, i am probably going to choose IHOP! 

blog design: Megan Hauze Photo.

i am slowly finishing up a few last custom blog designs, and am sad that i will be taking a little break from doing this because i love it so much (however, i do hope to rock your socks off when i am open for business again, so stay tuned)!

there is something so fun about designing for a photographer. maybe it's because they prefer a clean template, and i do too? or the fact that i love seeing my design next to their stunning photographs? whatever the reason, when Megan contacted me for a blog design, i was thrilled to help her out! and i was just thinking we should have taken a before and after of her site, because you would not believe the transformation that happened! here's a look at the header area:

the color scheme:
creating these blog designs, i think it's cool to see how similar color schemes can be or start out, yet the results for each end up so different and unique! here's a footer screenshot:

Megan is a photographer in the Bountiful, Utah area. if you are thinking about capturing some of those precious memories (especially of your wee ones), then check her out! her photos are fabulous! just take a peek at this cute little session she just did!

head on over and take a closer look at Megan's site here

blog design: Sending Love, From Me

i love to help a sister out. and today, i literally mean sister, because the blog design i'm sharing is extra special to me because...it's my little sissy's! although, i really can't say "little" anymore because she's a new college freshman, but for some reason she is engraved in my mind as being 11. the age she was when i graduated high school, and left for college myself :)

Elise decided to start up her own blog because she wanted to keep her friends and family updated on all her crazy new adventures away from home (and maybe because i told her i wanted to design her a site!hah). She wanted it clean but fun, and that's just what we did. take a look:

her color scheme:
i am really digging the whole aztec feel (and if you've been following me on Pinterest, you're probably sick of seeing the millions of iphone cases with this type of print, sorry! i am totally going to buy one as soon as my phone is upgraded this fall!). moving on :) here's a look at her post footer elements and signature:

she won't let me "design" her hair, but i can design her blog....i can deal with that! haha. love you Elise!


in other random news, my baby turns ONE tomorrow! aahhhhhhhh!!! and i am sooooo not okay with it (or ready?). so today = me running around like a maniac trying to get stuff together for his special day. 

* what do you think of this design?

** in general, what blog designs are your favorite and why?

blog design: One Great Adventure

Megan is one of those girls i love. i love how honest and real she is. it's girls like her that make designing such a pleasure. i don't even know why i'm telling you this, except that i want you to know that she is great...and i guess i wanted you to know that i have never been one for "making friends" online (i know, are you kidding me audrey?), but i definitely consider Meg a friend! okay, enough talk. here's how her design turned out:

i loved that she wanted a vintage/country feel. something light and pretty. here's a quick look at some of the footer elements:

i know i say it every time (and i will probably keep saying it because i mean it!), but my screenshots don't do justice. so go check it out up close and in person.... er, you know what i mean :)

head on over to Meg's site >>here<< and say hi for me!

nail art: Jamberry Nails

so you want to learn about Jamberry nails do ya? well then, read on friends. i am dang excited to tell you all about them! 

(if not, that's okay. but you should still click on, and at least look at all the pretty pictures i slaved over for you in photoshop...bahaha. but seriously.)

a little over a week ago, i received a package in the mail. oh my gosh i was squealing (K will tell you) like a little girl on Christmas when i saw what was inside:

Jane,  a Jamberry nails consultant, was SO kind and sent me a sheet! talk about the best surprise gift ever for me. we all know how much i love some color on my nails, and the pattern she sent me was perfect. just look how cool and funky and geometric it is! definitely something i wouldn't try to do freehand with polish! hah. i remember a girlfriend of mine doing these a few years ago, and i always thought they were freaking cute...and then of course i forgot about them until now.

i was able to sit down for a sec (yes, during B's nap time...when else?) and apply them. i can't say enough how easy it was and i was soooooo happy to not have to wait for layers to dry!

here's how it all went down:

• blow dryer
• cuticle pusher
• nail file
• scissors
• and of course your sweet Jamberry nails!

{not pictured: the Orly nail polish//Green With Envy and New York Color//Extra Shiny top coat i used for my ring fingers}

let's get started!

taken from the Jamberry Nails application instructions:
1// clean unpolished nails with aclcohol wipe and push back the cuticles
2// match nail (finger or toe) to the nail wrap that best fits
3// peel off nail wrap and warm the adhesive side with a mini-heater or blow-dryer for 3-5 seconds or until soft and flexible
4// when warm, press the wrap onto the nail. apply firm pressure around edges to adhere the wrap onto the nail. use rubber cuticle pusher to seal the wrap around the base of the cuticle.
5// trim the top with scissors and file off remaining wrap using a downward motion to remove excess
6// apply heat and pressure to the wrap again until it is bonded to the nail

so simple and easy huh? again, i love that i don't wait for layers to dry. and i love that i can do these in a short time frame, and continue with my day without being paranoid they are going to get smudged. that being said, i did paint my ring fingers a solid color with Orly polish//Green With Envy. i also put a top coat on all my nails (so yes, over the Jamberry nails), because i remember a girlfriend-that same one, who is a licensed beautician-say that she always does that to hers to really seal them on.

some other awesome facts about these nails?
• they are non-toxic
• you don't need any chemicals to remove or apply
• chip free, smudge free, and waterproof
• last about 2-3 weeks on fingers (because the nail bed grows out)
• last about 6 weeks on toes

another tip Jane told me was: If you have naturally oily nails, soaking in dawn soap for 3min then washing is the best way to get rid of excess oil.

want to try them too? head over here to Jane's site where there are about a billion nail choices to choose from! some of my favorites? the metallic gold pinstripe, gold tip on mint green, and baseball (for the boys-it's one of K's favorite sports).

Hope you're having a great Wednesday afternoon!

*have you tried Jamberry nails? what did you think of them?

blog design: Our Little Nest

i get so stinkin' excited when i get to show you all a new blog design! it never gets old, and today is no different. i absolutely had a blast designing Chelsea's blog over at Our Little Nest. and oh my heck, isn't that the cutest name?(i wish i had thought of it)! take a peek:

the color scheme:
another look:

these image captures don't do it justice. you must go over and say hi, and get a better look around (but watch out-her peach and blueberry crumb pie will make your mouth water)!

visit Our Little Nest >>here<<

*like what you see? follow me on bloglovin >>here<< to find out when i will be opening my shop up for business this fall! (or to just know when i post sweet freebies...whatevs)

six things you may not know about me

over the weekend, the funny and very pretty Kelso, from The Golden Runway, tagged me to do one of these "you may not know" posts.
this should be fun. so read on friends :)

1// what is your biggest pet peeve?
okay, the first to come to mind is that i cannot stand when people don't drive the speed limit. and by that i mean they don't even go as fast as the speed limit is. they go under by 10. like, why are you driving 30mph when the sign you just passed says 45mph?...and it's been that speed for the past 5 miles! ahhh. i may have inherited this pet-peeve from the hubs. haha.

{we drove by a 9 1/2 speed limit sign on one of our Sunday drives a week ago. i would like to know who in the heck checks to see if they are going 1/2 a speed? ...i mean c'mon, who approves that to even get put up? ha}

2// what is your guilty pleasure?
do you even have to ask? it's the Bachelor, the Bachelorette, or Bachelor Pad. gaaa. every year after a season ends i tell myself: okay, that's it. i'm not going to keep watching these. i'm definitely doing something better with my time next year. and then the season rolls around, and whadduya know? i'm recording it (because i never stopped the recording in the first place). so i watch it. i guess i like the drama? it's so fun to watch? i will say that i honestly like seeing the fashion styles and hair styles that the women wear. the hubs thinks it's ridiculous, and rolls his eyes when i turn it on at night (haha, but i have even got HIM watching it with me once or twice!).

{i had to. they were my favorite season...get back together already!}

3// what would be your dream job?
well, for the record, i am technically living it right now. i'm a momma to the cutest little guy i know. and hands down it is the greatest.thing.ever! buuuut, if i could have another? my "inner-city-girl" says: it would definitely be doing graphic design in New York City. i think that it would be so cool to have a little studio apartment, ride a bike everywhere, and be a "big-wig" with a sweet office view overlooking the city. my "inner-country-girl" says: doing freelance graphic design work from home. a home in the country on lots of land with rolling hills and a swimming hole, with a rope swing hanging from a big 'ole tree. <<hahaha so those were really like my dream job//dream life. i think the country side of me would win :)

{i'm sure you've all seen this fabulous office of Shay's floating all around the interweb, but i had to show it again because it is quickly turning into my dream office...}

this is a tough one. location-wise, it could be anywhere. so far in our 5 years of marriage, we have lived in 5 states. we enjoy adventure and new things, and are always up for looking at new opportunities that come our way. hmm. we would love to end up in Idaho or Utah (too cliché?) because that is where our families are from, where our parents are, and we absolutely love the weather there. we do not see ourselves living anywhere back east (no offense at all to you Eastern-ers! we love love visiting you!). we just hate that humidity :). as far as lifestyle goes...i hope to be a family of 4 by then!

5// any beauty secrets you are dying to tell us?
hah. i am far from a beauty expert. but you can read this post and learn about the makeup products i love and use though! not that it's a secret, but i strongly believe in washing your face morning and night. i will NOT sleep unless my makeup is off and my face is clean! 

6// what is your favorite part of marriage?
ahh. the best for last. my favorite part of marriage is the learning and growth that comes with each year. seeing how someone else was raised, lives, what makes 'em tick, what they like and don't like...and then taking all of that, and meshing it with my own life. i love our love. of course, it wouldn't be where it is today with out some gnarly battle wounds and lots of forgiving and understanding...but i think that is what makes it more perfect. we work through the tough times, and that makes the happy times 20x better!

{these are our tired, half-smile faces from the 4th. haha. we did a lot and it was a long-but fun-day!}

thanks for reading and now you know a little more about me!
i tag:

Karina  Meg ♥ Summer

but really, do it even if you arn't tagged, then leave a comment with your link where i can go learn more about YOU!

pick 6 of the following questions:

1//  guilty pleasure?
2// who was the most influential person in your life growing up?
3//  favorite color and why?
4// where would your dream home be located?
5//  most embarrassing moment?
6// let us in on a secret you haven't shared yet.
7//  favorite part about marriage/ or the relationship you are in now?
8// how did your blog come about?
9// what is your go-to outfit?
10// favorite book?

nail art: independence day

i told you yesterday via Facebook that i was getting my nails ready for today. and here they are:

the colors of choice:

right to left:
• pure ice, beware
• new york color, extra shiny top coat #271
• new york color, big apple red #131
• pure ice, superstar

i have never had the greatest of luck with this particular red nail polish used with tape. i think it's because it's so runny? but i am not one that has a whole ton of time to just fix and re-fix my nail polish, so a little messy it is today...i'm sure all you mom's out there can relate :)

happy 4th of july!!

*did you do your nails for today too? 
i want to see! leave me a comment with your link!

table decor for the 4th

i'm so thankful for today...for this holiday. i don't know how i got so lucky to have been born in America, but it's days like this that make me stand back and really count my blessings. i am overwhelmed with gratitude for the men and women who fought to make this a free land. free to worship and to live. this song has been running through my head all day and i can't help but state, too, that:

"...i'm proud to be an American
where at least i know i'm free,
and i won't forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me!..."

in other news, i have been sooooo bad about changing out the decor on my table. the spring stuff has been out since....last week. heheh. that's when i finally pulled some 4th of July stuff together, and ended up with this:

here's some breakdown, for those curious:

the banner: made from leftover burlap and fabric from this project. i cut the "freedom" letters just out of paper, with my SilhouetteSD.

patriotic subway art: i am so embarrassed, but i can NOT for the life of me, find the source/link to where i downloaded this printable! gaaaa. it is driving me nuts. i downloaded it about 2 years ago, and had it printed for my mom and mother-in-law as well...obviously i didn't "Pin" it, or i wouldn't have this issue. anyways, if you know (or are) the person who created this cute printable/subway art, then leave me the link in the comments below so i can give proper credit!!

baseballs: all my hubbys :) i just grabbed them and stuck them in an apothecary jar. this is actually my favorite part of the table.
american flag: Walmart, $1
american flag printable + white frame: this flag actually came with that subway art up above, so again, if you know who created it, let me know so i can give credit! :) the frame is a 5x7 one from Hobby Lobby.  i love that store and am sad i don't live by one! boo
pompoms: like i made here and here, i just made some grey ones to match the red and blue and stuffed them in a pickle jar. the lid is just spray painted.
mini flags: these were made with mini sticks i bought in the arts&craft section of Walmart. i simply glued scrapbook paper back to back, to the sticks. easy peasy.

freebie: set of 10 photoshop arrows

each night after we put the babe to bed, K and i usually will hang out in our living room and talk about our day, if anything exciting or different happened (my favorite question for him), what we have going on tomorrow, and what we should do this week to get out of the house (another one of my favorite questions-hehe). i'm sure you can relate. boring married/grown up talk. this eventually leads to watching a movie or our latest tv series, and right now it's Friends....it just never gets old :)

 i've been keeping my sketch pad or Bamboo tablet close by during these episodes, and last night i drew up some arrows that i'd like to share with you! 

here are the deets:
• they are not huge, i made them 150x150px in Photoshop. so these are nice for throwing on small sidebar stuff or in a signature...whatever. in the future i'll definitely remember to make them much larger!
• 300 px/in
• you get 10 png files {1 of each}
• for PERSONAL or COMMERCIAL use-have at 'em! {you're welcome}

download the files here:


and psssst! if you want to know when i post other freebies, go ahead and follow me via Bloglovin {here} or Google+ {here}

*out of curiosity, tell me: what kind of freebies would you like to see around here??

blog design: CeeCee Photography

like i mentioned in my last post, Chelsey had me design two of her sites. this second one is for her photography business. and dang. i would get so distracted looking at all of her awesome work! hah. i'm serious. Chelsey is a photographer located over in Eastern Idaho, so definitely look her up if you're in the area!

again, loved her choice of colors. i had so much fun with this site and we added in some fun customizations like a slideshow, dropdown menu, and share buttons! you'll definitely need to go check it out :)

to visit Chelsey's site: http://ceeceephotography.blogspot.com/

happy monday!

blog design: My Boredom Antidote

oh my gosh it's JULY! this is a big month over here in my home because 1. it's Bronx's birthday month, and 2. it's MY birthday month! woohoo! ....but on to more exciting things :) here are my latest blog designs, as promised:

i was pretty stoked when Chelsey contacted me about designing not one, but two of her sites! this first one is called "My Boredom Antidote" (i thought it was a fun title!):

one of my favorite parts about designing for someone is seeing their color scheme. and Chelsey chose some great color combos! i am a BIG fan of navy and pink :)

learn about Chelsey's second design >>here<<