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freebie: ipad wallpapers

july has always been a fun month for me with lots of BBQs, fireworks, campouts, bonfires, and swimming. and then there's my birthday at the end. today i am a quarter of a century old...i mean...young. haha (yes, Bronx and my birthday's are exactly 1 week apart! cool, huh?).

it kind of came early this year when Kevin surprised me with an ipad! we had been looking into getting one for a while, and tested out a bunch of different brands, but kept coming back to the ipad because -when it came down it it- we are familiar with it, and we have iphones. so when we were out a couple weeks ago getting Bronx's birthday presents, and saw a deal at Target where you get a $50 gift card with purchase of the ipad....Kevin turned to me and said: "You're gonna end up getting one anyways, because i was going to surprise you for your birthday...we might as well get some money back for spending so much!" hah. true that. so we snatched it up.

oh my gosh. i have been loving this baby! i have a post started on my favorite apps and features of it, which i'll have to share soon. in the mean time, what is the first thing i wanted to do with it when i opened it? create some cute wallpapers of course! so here is my gift to you today:

you might remember seeing that fun aztec background on my sister's blog design here. i loved it so much that i wanted it for my ipad wallpaper, and so i fixed and adjusted it to fit right for the ipad. and as you can see, i have the "oh hey there" set as my lock screen. these are simple, but were so fun to whip up. i'll definitely be sharing more with you in the future! as for now, here's 5 you can download and use yourself:


details: 2048x2048px, 300dpi

*which one is your favorite?

*it's FRIDAY! are you doing anything fun today/this evening?!
the birthday person always gets to choose where we go out for dinner, and since i LOVE breakfast for dinner, i am probably going to choose IHOP! 

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