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nail art: Jamberry Nails

so you want to learn about Jamberry nails do ya? well then, read on friends. i am dang excited to tell you all about them! 

(if not, that's okay. but you should still click on, and at least look at all the pretty pictures i slaved over for you in photoshop...bahaha. but seriously.)

a little over a week ago, i received a package in the mail. oh my gosh i was squealing (K will tell you) like a little girl on Christmas when i saw what was inside:

Jane,  a Jamberry nails consultant, was SO kind and sent me a sheet! talk about the best surprise gift ever for me. we all know how much i love some color on my nails, and the pattern she sent me was perfect. just look how cool and funky and geometric it is! definitely something i wouldn't try to do freehand with polish! hah. i remember a girlfriend of mine doing these a few years ago, and i always thought they were freaking cute...and then of course i forgot about them until now.

i was able to sit down for a sec (yes, during B's nap time...when else?) and apply them. i can't say enough how easy it was and i was soooooo happy to not have to wait for layers to dry!

here's how it all went down:

• blow dryer
• cuticle pusher
• nail file
• scissors
• and of course your sweet Jamberry nails!

{not pictured: the Orly nail polish//Green With Envy and New York Color//Extra Shiny top coat i used for my ring fingers}

let's get started!

taken from the Jamberry Nails application instructions:
1// clean unpolished nails with aclcohol wipe and push back the cuticles
2// match nail (finger or toe) to the nail wrap that best fits
3// peel off nail wrap and warm the adhesive side with a mini-heater or blow-dryer for 3-5 seconds or until soft and flexible
4// when warm, press the wrap onto the nail. apply firm pressure around edges to adhere the wrap onto the nail. use rubber cuticle pusher to seal the wrap around the base of the cuticle.
5// trim the top with scissors and file off remaining wrap using a downward motion to remove excess
6// apply heat and pressure to the wrap again until it is bonded to the nail

so simple and easy huh? again, i love that i don't wait for layers to dry. and i love that i can do these in a short time frame, and continue with my day without being paranoid they are going to get smudged. that being said, i did paint my ring fingers a solid color with Orly polish//Green With Envy. i also put a top coat on all my nails (so yes, over the Jamberry nails), because i remember a girlfriend-that same one, who is a licensed beautician-say that she always does that to hers to really seal them on.

some other awesome facts about these nails?
• they are non-toxic
• you don't need any chemicals to remove or apply
• chip free, smudge free, and waterproof
• last about 2-3 weeks on fingers (because the nail bed grows out)
• last about 6 weeks on toes

another tip Jane told me was: If you have naturally oily nails, soaking in dawn soap for 3min then washing is the best way to get rid of excess oil.

want to try them too? head over here to Jane's site where there are about a billion nail choices to choose from! some of my favorites? the metallic gold pinstripe, gold tip on mint green, and baseball (for the boys-it's one of K's favorite sports).

Hope you're having a great Wednesday afternoon!

*have you tried Jamberry nails? what did you think of them?


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