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blog design: One Great Adventure

Megan is one of those girls i love. i love how honest and real she is. it's girls like her that make designing such a pleasure. i don't even know why i'm telling you this, except that i want you to know that she is great...and i guess i wanted you to know that i have never been one for "making friends" online (i know, are you kidding me audrey?), but i definitely consider Meg a friend! okay, enough talk. here's how her design turned out:

i loved that she wanted a vintage/country feel. something light and pretty. here's a quick look at some of the footer elements:

i know i say it every time (and i will probably keep saying it because i mean it!), but my screenshots don't do justice. so go check it out up close and in person.... er, you know what i mean :)

head on over to Meg's site >>here<< and say hi for me!


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