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six things you may not know about me

over the weekend, the funny and very pretty Kelso, from The Golden Runway, tagged me to do one of these "you may not know" posts.
this should be fun. so read on friends :)

1// what is your biggest pet peeve?
okay, the first to come to mind is that i cannot stand when people don't drive the speed limit. and by that i mean they don't even go as fast as the speed limit is. they go under by 10. like, why are you driving 30mph when the sign you just passed says 45mph?...and it's been that speed for the past 5 miles! ahhh. i may have inherited this pet-peeve from the hubs. haha.

{we drove by a 9 1/2 speed limit sign on one of our Sunday drives a week ago. i would like to know who in the heck checks to see if they are going 1/2 a speed? ...i mean c'mon, who approves that to even get put up? ha}

2// what is your guilty pleasure?
do you even have to ask? it's the Bachelor, the Bachelorette, or Bachelor Pad. gaaa. every year after a season ends i tell myself: okay, that's it. i'm not going to keep watching these. i'm definitely doing something better with my time next year. and then the season rolls around, and whadduya know? i'm recording it (because i never stopped the recording in the first place). so i watch it. i guess i like the drama? it's so fun to watch? i will say that i honestly like seeing the fashion styles and hair styles that the women wear. the hubs thinks it's ridiculous, and rolls his eyes when i turn it on at night (haha, but i have even got HIM watching it with me once or twice!).

{i had to. they were my favorite season...get back together already!}

3// what would be your dream job?
well, for the record, i am technically living it right now. i'm a momma to the cutest little guy i know. and hands down it is the greatest.thing.ever! buuuut, if i could have another? my "inner-city-girl" says: it would definitely be doing graphic design in New York City. i think that it would be so cool to have a little studio apartment, ride a bike everywhere, and be a "big-wig" with a sweet office view overlooking the city. my "inner-country-girl" says: doing freelance graphic design work from home. a home in the country on lots of land with rolling hills and a swimming hole, with a rope swing hanging from a big 'ole tree. <<hahaha so those were really like my dream job//dream life. i think the country side of me would win :)

{i'm sure you've all seen this fabulous office of Shay's floating all around the interweb, but i had to show it again because it is quickly turning into my dream office...}

this is a tough one. location-wise, it could be anywhere. so far in our 5 years of marriage, we have lived in 5 states. we enjoy adventure and new things, and are always up for looking at new opportunities that come our way. hmm. we would love to end up in Idaho or Utah (too cliché?) because that is where our families are from, where our parents are, and we absolutely love the weather there. we do not see ourselves living anywhere back east (no offense at all to you Eastern-ers! we love love visiting you!). we just hate that humidity :). as far as lifestyle goes...i hope to be a family of 4 by then!

5// any beauty secrets you are dying to tell us?
hah. i am far from a beauty expert. but you can read this post and learn about the makeup products i love and use though! not that it's a secret, but i strongly believe in washing your face morning and night. i will NOT sleep unless my makeup is off and my face is clean! 

6// what is your favorite part of marriage?
ahh. the best for last. my favorite part of marriage is the learning and growth that comes with each year. seeing how someone else was raised, lives, what makes 'em tick, what they like and don't like...and then taking all of that, and meshing it with my own life. i love our love. of course, it wouldn't be where it is today with out some gnarly battle wounds and lots of forgiving and understanding...but i think that is what makes it more perfect. we work through the tough times, and that makes the happy times 20x better!

{these are our tired, half-smile faces from the 4th. haha. we did a lot and it was a long-but fun-day!}

thanks for reading and now you know a little more about me!
i tag:

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pick 6 of the following questions:

1//  guilty pleasure?
2// who was the most influential person in your life growing up?
3//  favorite color and why?
4// where would your dream home be located?
5//  most embarrassing moment?
6// let us in on a secret you haven't shared yet.
7//  favorite part about marriage/ or the relationship you are in now?
8// how did your blog come about?
9// what is your go-to outfit?
10// favorite book?


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