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This Little Space of Mine

it's been a little over a year since i last showed you my work space, so i thought today i'd share where i'm set up right now. i don't have a giant space to work with since we downgraded from our house to this townhome, but i do still love it. mostly cuz it's mine, and there's lots of light + i'm by a window. 

this little oval chalkboard from our last kitchen (see here) now resides upstairs with me. i do love this saying, but already want to draw something new. and i would like to hang some wall art + some sort of board to keep my thoughts/lists of projects organized to my right. i'd like it to be smaller than my old white board, just because i have limited space (my large whiteboard is in storage now, but i may just have to go grab that).

my hubby built me the desk (yep, to copycat the famous Parsons desk, because it was always sold out everywhere i looked!). it's great for now, and i love the white. white white white...to me equals clean and endless possibility. like a brand new sketchbook. or plain piece of paper. yeah that's definitely clichè here in this blogging world, but for good reason :)

so what can you take away from here today?

this little phrase:

"every day is a fresh start"

there's a good reason i hung this above my creating space. i need this reminder right now, not just for art/web projects and such that i'm working on, but especially in my home life as a mom. some days go so well, where others...just don't. (ya feel me?!) it's nice to see this in the morning and remind myself: oh yeah. that was yesterday. in the past. i can check my attitude and be a happier, better mom and wife today, than i was yesterday!

Premade Responsive Blogger Template: Boss Babe

oh my heck you guys. i have like 20,839,283 ideas for blog templates scattered all up in this brain of mine (and on my pinterest board, that helps. isn't pinterest the best?), and i just can't create them all as fast as i'd like! this one, Boss Babe, has been in the works for...way too long now, and i finally was able to carve out more time to sit down and finish it. booyeah. definitely take a sec to go check it out (live preview here!)! some of my favorite features include:

• that it's a responsive template (this is such a must for me!....which is bad/maybe even hypocritical? because my own site it not...need to work on that!!)
• sticky navbar
• custom drop menu
• custom hello blurb and image
• custom search box
• 5 social media icons
• share links (facebook, twitter, pinterest) at the bottom of each post
• customized popular posts, and label gadgets
• 3 column footer for widgets
• to-top scrolling icon
• post signature
• hello blurb image

if you love it, share it! you can view the live demo hereand purchase here!

*all (stunning!) photography images: Jamie Findlay Photography

*view all my premade templates here or here!

fabulous floral nails

it seems whenever i move, my nails suffer because i never take the time to paint them, or my polish is packed up. i'm happy to say that i started up keep on them again. about time. i also noticed that they had started getting really weak and were chipping more (dang heavy moving boxes) and peeling some (stupid chemicals from deep cleaning our last home). so i have started taking a prenatal in hopes that cheers them up a bit. here's my latest look that i did the other night, while watching The 100 with the hubs (we just started the series and can't decided if we love it or hate it!....i think love because we are still watching...haha!)

but anyways. the nails. i got the idea for these from here. nothing new, but i am for sure loving all things floral, even if my husband still says they remind him of "grandma-ish things".

here are a few more floral nail designs i'm crushing on right now...

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8

and if i was going to be buying more Jamberry prints, these would most definitely make the top of my list:

here & here

...actually i just want to go buy them right now! dying over how cute they are!!

feeling refreshed

 oh heeeey Monday! the weekend did me good, and all of the conference talks were exactly what i needed to hear (as per usual!). even though it's sometimes hard, and honestly torturous, to sit and listen to all of General Conference with a crazy active toddler, and a 1 year old, my husband was the greatest and played with them Saturday morning so I could listen to a whole session alone. in peace and quiet.

it. was. perfect.

my favorite talk was by Linda K. Burton (i think she was the second one to speak?), you can watch it here. it was about honoring and supporting our husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers. towards the end she particularly spoke on husbands, and what we as wives can do to improve these special relationships. loved it! also, i may or may not be working on a printable right now with a quote or two from her talk...i'll keep ya posted!

you know those days where you just feel whole? and good? and complete? Saturday definitely felt like that for me. i even loved my hair. hah! but maybe that was because i curled it (it's like, um, always in a ponytail....)? and the below image is proof of why i am most definitely not a fashion blogger. it should give you a good laugh because, hello, i have no idea how to take a good shot of my clothes that i was loving! 

here's to a just as great week and keeping the good vibes flowing!

saying hi + how about a printable?

i think i may be infamous for blogging, and taking a break, and blogging, and breaking...and then blogging again. in my defense i totally don't plan on these long breaks! hah. blogging has always been a SUCH a huge, fun hobby for me, and i hate feeling like i "have" to post anything....so. yeah. when i don't feel it, i don't post. i also try to keep up on my family blog, and even that's been neglected lately (gasp!).

some news? we moved....again (5th move in 3 years)...surprise (and hello torture)! my husband did a major career change and that brought us from our brand new home in beautiful Idaho (trying not to cry here!), down to...da da da daaaa...Utah. totally didn't envision ourselves down in Utah again (nothing against Utah peeps-we are just die-hard Idaho lovers right here).

we moved into the new gig this past weekend, but really for the past month and a half we've been all over the place and luckily i kept my laptop with me, so i could keep up on my Etsy orders. a big shout out and THANK YOU to those that ordered and have worked with me AND have been super patient with me! every little bit helps, and i always do a little party in my head when i hear the sale sound go off on my phone or ipad (who doesn't?!)!

i'm sure it's because of this move, and all the insanity that has been going on, but i am craving, crrrraaaaving some serious design time. like, bad! i was thinking for starters, how about sharing this April wallpaper with ya?!
and i couldn't resist making it available in a 5x7 printable...because sometimes it's fun (and handy!) to have something small like this hanging on your fridge or in a cute frame close by!

april desktop wallpaper (for your computer)
5x7 april calendar printable

and HEY before you go, i just wanted to say thanks. thanks for stopping by even though i've been mia like crazy. it means a lot to me, to read your comments and to see that some of my posts have helped you guys!

(^^total fakey fake smiles right there for ya! he loves pulling 'em^^)