feeling refreshed

 oh heeeey Monday! the weekend did me good, and all of the conference talks were exactly what i needed to hear (as per usual!). even though it's sometimes hard, and honestly torturous, to sit and listen to all of General Conference with a crazy active toddler, and a 1 year old, my husband was the greatest and played with them Saturday morning so I could listen to a whole session alone. in peace and quiet.

it. was. perfect.

my favorite talk was by Linda K. Burton (i think she was the second one to speak?), you can watch it here. it was about honoring and supporting our husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers. towards the end she particularly spoke on husbands, and what we as wives can do to improve these special relationships. loved it! also, i may or may not be working on a printable right now with a quote or two from her talk...i'll keep ya posted!

you know those days where you just feel whole? and good? and complete? Saturday definitely felt like that for me. i even loved my hair. hah! but maybe that was because i curled it (it's like, um, always in a ponytail....)? and the below image is proof of why i am most definitely not a fashion blogger. it should give you a good laugh because, hello, i have no idea how to take a good shot of my clothes that i was loving! 

here's to a just as great week and keeping the good vibes flowing!


  1. I love this! I totally agree about conference. Always so refreshing. And I love that you got a whole session to yourself!! I love that feeling of being so rejuvenated. I wish we could just lock that in. Also, your hair really is fantastic! I always think you have great hair. Even in a ponytail ;) I LOVE YOU!

    1. "...just lock that in." <<YES! haha and thank you about my hair, but seriously, i want your thick luscious locks!

  2. Um... it's possible I just left two comments. Because i didn't see the first one post, so I rewrote it, and then realized they are visible after approval. HA! So, here's a bazillion comments from me because I don't know what's going on.


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