fabulous floral nails

it seems whenever i move, my nails suffer because i never take the time to paint them, or my polish is packed up. i'm happy to say that i started up keep on them again. about time. i also noticed that they had started getting really weak and were chipping more (dang heavy moving boxes) and peeling some (stupid chemicals from deep cleaning our last home). so i have started taking a prenatal in hopes that cheers them up a bit. here's my latest look that i did the other night, while watching The 100 with the hubs (we just started the series and can't decided if we love it or hate it!....i think love because we are still watching...haha!)

but anyways. the nails. i got the idea for these from here. nothing new, but i am for sure loving all things floral, even if my husband still says they remind him of "grandma-ish things".

here are a few more floral nail designs i'm crushing on right now...

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8

and if i was going to be buying more Jamberry prints, these would most definitely make the top of my list:

here & here

...actually i just want to go buy them right now! dying over how cute they are!!


  1. Ooo! I have the mint chevron and mint/gold stripe jamberry! Last time I wore them I took them off wrong and they destroyed my nails which took months to recover, but you may have inspired me to give my nails some more lovin' too!

    1. oh no Grace! so sad-i'd be ticked if my nails got ruined from those! and ps: i need to hold that sweet babe of yours! :)

  2. WHOA! Gorgeous. I have never seen floral print on nails, but it's rad.

  3. I just bought some but haven't put them on yet. Now I'm excited!


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