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Premade Responsive Blogger Template: Boss Babe

oh my heck you guys. i have like 20,839,283 ideas for blog templates scattered all up in this brain of mine (and on my pinterest board, that helps. isn't pinterest the best?), and i just can't create them all as fast as i'd like! this one, Boss Babe, has been in the works for...way too long now, and i finally was able to carve out more time to sit down and finish it. booyeah. definitely take a sec to go check it out (live preview here!)! some of my favorite features include:

• that it's a responsive template (this is such a must for me!....which is bad/maybe even hypocritical? because my own site it not...need to work on that!!)
• sticky navbar
• custom drop menu
• custom hello blurb and image
• custom search box
• 5 social media icons
• share links (facebook, twitter, pinterest) at the bottom of each post
• customized popular posts, and label gadgets
• 3 column footer for widgets
• to-top scrolling icon
• post signature
• hello blurb image

if you love it, share it! you can view the live demo hereand purchase here!

*all (stunning!) photography images: Jamie Findlay Photography

*view all my premade templates here or here!

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