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This Little Space of Mine

it's been a little over a year since i last showed you my work space, so i thought today i'd share where i'm set up right now. i don't have a giant space to work with since we downgraded from our house to this townhome, but i do still love it. mostly cuz it's mine, and there's lots of light + i'm by a window. 

this little oval chalkboard from our last kitchen (see here) now resides upstairs with me. i do love this saying, but already want to draw something new. and i would like to hang some wall art + some sort of board to keep my thoughts/lists of projects organized to my right. i'd like it to be smaller than my old white board, just because i have limited space (my large whiteboard is in storage now, but i may just have to go grab that).

my hubby built me the desk (yep, to copycat the famous Parsons desk, because it was always sold out everywhere i looked!). it's great for now, and i love the white. white white white...to me equals clean and endless possibility. like a brand new sketchbook. or plain piece of paper. yeah that's definitely clichè here in this blogging world, but for good reason :)

so what can you take away from here today?

this little phrase:

"every day is a fresh start"

there's a good reason i hung this above my creating space. i need this reminder right now, not just for art/web projects and such that i'm working on, but especially in my home life as a mom. some days go so well, where others...just don't. (ya feel me?!) it's nice to see this in the morning and remind myself: oh yeah. that was yesterday. in the past. i can check my attitude and be a happier, better mom and wife today, than i was yesterday!


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