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saying hi + how about a printable?

i think i may be infamous for blogging, and taking a break, and blogging, and breaking...and then blogging again. in my defense i totally don't plan on these long breaks! hah. blogging has always been a SUCH a huge, fun hobby for me, and i hate feeling like i "have" to post anything....so. yeah. when i don't feel it, i don't post. i also try to keep up on my family blog, and even that's been neglected lately (gasp!).

some news? we moved....again (5th move in 3 years)...surprise (and hello torture)! my husband did a major career change and that brought us from our brand new home in beautiful Idaho (trying not to cry here!), down to...da da da daaaa...Utah. totally didn't envision ourselves down in Utah again (nothing against Utah peeps-we are just die-hard Idaho lovers right here).

we moved into the new gig this past weekend, but really for the past month and a half we've been all over the place and luckily i kept my laptop with me, so i could keep up on my Etsy orders. a big shout out and THANK YOU to those that ordered and have worked with me AND have been super patient with me! every little bit helps, and i always do a little party in my head when i hear the sale sound go off on my phone or ipad (who doesn't?!)!

i'm sure it's because of this move, and all the insanity that has been going on, but i am craving, crrrraaaaving some serious design time. like, bad! i was thinking for starters, how about sharing this April wallpaper with ya?!
and i couldn't resist making it available in a 5x7 printable...because sometimes it's fun (and handy!) to have something small like this hanging on your fridge or in a cute frame close by!

april desktop wallpaper (for your computer)
5x7 april calendar printable

and HEY before you go, i just wanted to say thanks. thanks for stopping by even though i've been mia like crazy. it means a lot to me, to read your comments and to see that some of my posts have helped you guys!

(^^total fakey fake smiles right there for ya! he loves pulling 'em^^)

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