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friday freebie: 4 iphone wallpapers

you know those weeks where you feel good and get a lot accomplished? this was definitely one of those weeks for me. ah well, except for yesterday. here's a funny (yet slightly gross?) story for ya: yesterday i went in to take my glucose test, drank it...and threw it up a minute after i sat down to wait out the hour. whaaaa?! that did not happen when i took it with Bronx. it was like, no big deal then. this time though, oh man. that sugary orange drink was waaaaay too much for me. ha ha. so now i have to go in on Monday and try again. yes, i am dreading it already. and am annoyed at myself for not just holding it down for a stinkin' hour.

on to happier, slightly less gross stuff: i have some more fun Valentine wallpapers for your iphones! one of these days i need to sit down and actually design a real printable (like an 8x10). like real soon. and i also need to actually start decorating for Valentines day. i don't think i've ever waited this long to set up my table for a holiday. weird.

the goods and the details:

*for PERSONAL use only, thank you!

» if viewing from your phone, simply click the image you want and save it
» if viewing from your desktop, simply click the image, then right click and "save as". then transfer to mobile device. (i have found the fastest/easiest way to do this is through Dropbox)
» TIP: there have been some issues with the sizing of images/wallpapers in iOS-7. to fix it so your wallpapers can be viewed properly, simply go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>ACCESSIBILITY>REDUCE MOTION (turn ON). then you'll be good to go! and here is the article i found out how to do this, if you'd like to read it yourself :)

iphone wallpapers:

*have you ever thrown up the glucose test?! i hear i can maybe take jelly beans instead??

*have you checked out my other freebies? no? you better head over here then!

nail art: nail decals

over the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays i stumbled upon Made by Munchies's Mama's Etsy shop. the shop specializes in nail decals and when i saw them i instantly fell in love! i also jumped at buying some for half off when they were discounted on Cyber Monday :)

i used them all over the holidays and was not dissapointed in their quality. which is always a huge plus. i think i even love these better than the full nail decals like i've tried here and here. they are simple and easy to apply, and add the right pop of interest to my nail!

anyways, i sat down and did my nails Saturday night, and took decent pics Sunday morning, so here's the result:

i kept it simple this time with just one chevron/arrow on my ring finger. (you can see a couple more ideas of what i did at the end of this post)

the colors:
• new york color: long wearing nail enamel, extra shiny top coat (#271)
• china glaze: flip flop fantasy (#873)
• orly: (#LAB4402 <<sorry i can't find a name on my bottle!)

nail decails used: this listing, in white

i love these two colors.
here's some other pics of what i tried over the holidays:

isn't that moose the cutest thing ever? i love it. and love these decals!

* have you bought these before?!

* do you buy stuff on Etsy often?

4 ways to unplug

the little family and i just got home from a much needed vaca to good 'ole idaho, and man it was niiiiiiiice! the hubby wasn't worrying about his store (he manages one down here in NM), and i wasn't worrying about catching up on emails or designing any blogs. there was lots of family time, a ton of friend time, frozen yogurt, a hair appointment (eeee!), basketball games, snow, jambas, games, and laughing. all much needed. and like i said, one of the best things was that we weren't constantly on our phones or the computer catching up on dang work (sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it, amiright?!).

even before this little trip, i have been thinking a lot lately about my internet usage and all the social media platforms that i look at, or don't look at every day. how much time do i spend on them a day? how many times do i check my phone for updates a day? for me, there's my email that i'm constantly trying to keep up with, then my Etsy shop, then Facebook, and you know i loooove spending time on Pinterest. oh yeah and i occasionally (okay rarely) look at Instagram (haha, yes i have an account but it has like 5 photos on it!). plus let's not forget the blogs i love to read whether family or friends or just ones i follow because i love them. it all adds up to a TON of time spent staring at a screen.

two of my main goals this year are 1: unplug more often and 2: prioritize my time better. yes, i need to unplug more often and not let myself get sucked into these things for more time than necessary. what is necessary? hah. is any of it necessary?(<<i just spelled that word wrong 3 times, wow i am bad at spelling!haha) well, since i'm not going to just up and delete all these beloved media platforms i just mentioned, i've got to find a better way to organize my time with them, right? right. so i have come up with 4 ways that have helped me unplug so far, and i hope they help you too. because dude, you need that break. take it and breathe! here they are:

1don't go to sleep with your phone by you. i repeat: don't go to sleep with your phone by you! this is huge for me, and has already helped a ton (heck, i place my phone far away from me even when i nap sometimes!). every time i do keep it by me, i get sucked into looking at Facebook or Pinterest and i seriously just need to sleep. our bodies crave it! i turn mine on silent/vibrate and place it on the dresser across the room, or lately, even out on the kitchen counter so i'm not tempted to grab it, in the middle of the night, when i go check on Bronx if he cries. i know a lot of people use their phones as their alarm clocks, and i do too. so on those days (usually just Sundays for me), i do keep my phone by me, but still keep it on vibrate so i won't hear alerts or anything (the alarm will still go off at normal volume). or heck, go buy an actual alarm clock. they still make those i hear :)

2 ▲ pick a day to unplug. if you are really daring you can go cold-turkey and not look at any internet all day. but let's be realistic. choosing one or two to stay off of for a day is just as good in my opinion. i choose Sunday, and try to stay away from emails and Etsy. it's been good for me so far. i don't feel as stressed, and can focus my time elsewhere.

3 ▲ stay busy. this one goes along with my second goal of prioritizing my time better. before i go to sleep i will review in my mind what i want to get done the next day, what needs to get done verses what i want to get done, what errands i need to go do, and when i'm going to fit it all in. sometimes this is written on paper or my calendar, but as long as i have a schedule mapped out, i'll follow it (or try my best with a toddler in tow)! what does this have to do with unplugging? if i'm busy getting other stuff done like designing a blog, or exercising, or grocery shopping, i'm not checking my social media. i'm not getting caught in that "neverending scroll of death". haha, at least that's what my hubby sometimes refers to it as!

4 ▲ create "no-phone" zones. that may sound silly, but i promise it works! pick a place-the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom...(you get it!) and don't allow yourself to be on your phone there. i am really bad at this, but have been trying to be more conscious about it this month. for me, it's the living room in the morning with Bronx. that's our cuddle time after daddy goes to work, and i need to be better at soaking up this one-on-one time i have with him (only 10 more weeks until baby girl gets here!). another area for me is the kitchen. make lunch, eat it, and enjoy helping Bronx eat his...and dinner: place electronic devices in the other room, make dinner, eat together, talk together. (haha, okay i just read that back to myself and it sounds like we are robots or something. i promise we're not! we love our family time!)

so there you are. 4 ways to help you unplug and focus your time elsewhere and (maybe?) on more important things :) no one is perfect, and like i said, i work on all of these things daily! i think just being aware of our time and what we spend it on is a good start!

* how do you unplug and give yourself a break?

premade template: birds of a feather

i just wanted to swing in here before the babe and i head out to drop off Tank (our little Shih Tzu) for a haircut and get some grocery shopping done, and and show you all a new blog template i put in the shop this morning! it's called Birds of a Feather, and was so fun to make! this template is bright and happy, has a playful/tropical feel, yet is simple enough to still show off all your amazing photos! the feathers are my favorite part and were probably the funnest to make. take a look:

you can view the Etsy listing here, see it live and in person here, and it's also been added to my premade template portfolio page here!

nail art: not quite purple or blue

january can sometimes get boring. the big holidays are over, and you might still have unwanted snow outside your door (except for me, i would actually LOVE that right now! ha ha). you might get "cabin fever" or itch to start a new project, get anxiety, or feel unproductive since you're not trying to juggle 20 different tasks at once (the holidays can do that to us). something that keeps me sane during these mundane days, that takes no huge effort or purchase, is painting my nails. surprise surprise. adding a pop of color to my nails always makes me happy, so the other night when the babe was sleepin' and the hubby was playing basketball, i watched my recording of the Bachelor and painted away! I even did glitter toes, which i haven't in....forever. that was fun, and made me think i should do an updated post on it...click here to see the old way i used to do them!

as for my nails, here are the colors used:

• wet n wild: megalast, on a trip/en voyage(#213C) <<picked this up when i had to make a run into Walgreens. i swear the color was calling my name. it's not super purple or blue, but a perfect mix. i love it!
• pure ice: superstar
• salon perfect: silver sparkler(#603)
• new york color: long wearing nail enamel, etra shiny top coat(#271)

you can see it's already starting to chip, because i didn't take these photos right after. dang you hot water and dishes and everything else that makes them chip so fast. i think i need to look more at shellac options? oh, and i attempted to put a cute white heart on one nail using this tutorial i found on Pinterest:

 but when i peeled the tape off, the paint came up as well! i was ticked. maybe because the white polish i have is getting too old and thick? probably. i definitely want to try it again though with a different brand. anyways, the best part of these nails? today they match my outfit!

and don't you just feel cool and happy when you match? :) i am 30 weeks tomorrow...yeah baby! i can do this. i can do this.

*what makes you happy on dreary days?

*have you tried that pinterest tutorial i mentioned above? did it work for you?!

friday freebie: iphone wallpaper

i'm giving you some early valentine love today, in the form of wallpapers! check it:

*for PERSONAL use only, thank you!

» if viewing from your phone, simply click the image you want and save it
» if viewing from your desktop, simply click the image, then right click and "save as". then transfer to mobile device. (i have found the fastest/easiest way to do this is through Dropbox)
» TIP: there have been some issues with the sizing of images/wallpapers in iOS-7. to fix it so your wallpapers can be viewed properly, simply go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>ACCESSIBILITY>REDUCE MOTION (turn ON). then you'll be good to go! and here is the article i found out how to do this, if you'd like to read it yourself :)

iphone wallpapers:

i hope you enjoy 'em and use 'em and beautify your phone with them! and enjoy the beginning of your weekend! yay for Fridays!
*have you checked out my other freebies? no? you better head over here then!

blog design: Taylor: Party of 5

i have a new blog design i'm excited to share with you this morning! Annalee is a long-time family friend, and was also our wedding photographer waaaay back in the day (haha, okay so like only 6 years ago! i'm not that old!). anyways, i was so flattered she came to me to give her family blog a little makeover. her style is bomb, and we saw eye-to-eye on everything. take a peek:

you can also see her site over HERE in my portfolio, or go directly to her blog and check it out up close and in person! :) and psssst! besides doing photography on the side, she also is ah-MAZ-ing at diy projects. like, way good. she runs a site called White Place Flea Market, where her and her momma repurpose furniture, vintage finds, and home decor.

in other news, i can't believe it's freakin Thursday already. i mean, where did my week go?! sorry it's been quiet on the blog. i was playing catch-up on my family blog earlier this week, but i have all these ideas/projects started that i want to show and tell you about...soon, i promise! does a freebie sound good for tomorrow? cuz i'm thinkin it does...

party nails: black and gold

hellooooo Monday! i have a nail art post for ya today, that probably should have gone up when i actually painted them (whoops!), and that was right before new years! even though the hubby and i didn't go out for New Years Eve, i still wanted to feel glamorous, and for me that happens when i paint my nails.

i decided on black as a base color because 1. i NEVER use it and 2. i wanted to feel edgy and different (oh my gosh, is this how i "live on the edge" nowadays?! haha). i chose to add some gold flecks because i think gold looks good with black, and it gave it some "bling". they looked so sleek after i was done(thank you Orly polish) that i dubbed them my "party nails".

the colors:
• wet n wild: Fergie
• orly:  Goth (#40637 - LOVE this black, and LOVE orly polish!)
 new york color: long wearing nail enamel, Extra Shiny Top Coat (#271)

*what polish is on your nails right now?

friday freebie: 4 iphone+ipad wallpapers

yaaaaay for Fridays! even though i am currently in Idaho visiting family (and enjoying some snow!), i still have some posts scheduled, like today's freebie! i must be obsessed with wallpapers or something because i keep creating them. here are 4 new wallpapers for your iphone or ipad.

hey! and for those with a different phone: all of my siblings have different phones than me, and my sisters said that these still worked for them. so even if you don't have an iphone, try downloading these and maybe they'll work for you too!

oh yea, you'll notice i threw in a "happy birthday" one. haha, it's kind of random now that i look at it with the others, but i made it thinking of my mom. it's her birthday at the end of this month, and i wanted her to have something fun to decorate her phone with (i don't think she ever does).

*for PERSONAL use only, thank you!

» if viewing from your phone, simply click the image you want and save it
» if viewing from your desktop, simply click the image, then right click and "save as". then transfer to mobile device. (i have found the fastest/easiest way to do this is through Dropbox)
» TIP: there have been some issues with the sizing of images/wallpapers in iOS-7. to fix it so your wallpapers can be viewed properly, simply go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>ACCESSIBILITY>REDUCE MOTION (turn ON). then you'll be good to go! and here is the article i found out how to do this, if you'd like to read it yourself :)

iphone wallpapers:

ipad wallpapers:

i need to craft more

it's been way too long since i used my Silhouette machine, and Sunday afternoon it was calling to me. i have been wanting to send out thank you cards for some Christmas goodies we received, and nothing says thank you more than a handmade, heartfelt card right? i got to work.

i drew up the vine/branches you see below with my tablet, and the font is Jacques & Gilles (that i mentioned in this post).

pssst! my new iphone case is from Society6, and they have some dang cute and unique designs if you're looking for something different. mine was a stocking-stuffer from Santa :) and i love it.

i created some other card designs using my Silhouette Studio. haha, yeah and a random birthday card.

these cute stamps i found in the dollar bin at Target or Walmart. i honestly don't remember, but i snatched up 5 different sets! they are so fun and personable i think.

Bronx was surprisingly good this entire afternoon! meaning, that while i crafted away to my hearts content, he played away next to me with his new toys (thank you Santa)!

later that evening after B was in bed, i decided to bust out the paints. oh MAN i have missed those! i forgot how calming and therapeutic it is to manually create something (verses web coding and drawing on a tablet). i even started reminiscing about my college days, and the many hours spent drawing and painting on the third floor of the Snow Building (BYUI campus). giant windows and lots of light, the smell of fresh paper and paint. i need to do this more often!

oh, and here are the finished cards. nothing hard or elaborate, but fun and easy. perfect :) my favorite is the ombre "thank you very much" one.

*it's Wednesday! any fun plans for the middle of the week? lots of packing going on over here, because we get to visit family this week in Idaho!

*do you like to make cards?

*do you have a favorite cell phone case?

liebster award: take 2 & 3...kind of

so if you haven't been able to tell, i'm not the type of blogger who posts every day. i seriously don't know how women find time to do so actually. totally not saying i don't appreciate reading their awesome diy projects, deep thoughts, funny insights, or sweet outfit pics everyday (i love reading them!)...but dang.... i just don't know how they manage it, because i honestly feel like there's not enough time in the day to do it all. there isn't. something always ends up being sacrificed: dinner, sleep, play time, you name it. there's always something that has to get less priority somewhere. and for me, usually that's this little blog here.

wow i am getting off topic. haha. i guess what i'm trying to get at, in a SUPER round about way, is that i had 2 other women give me the Liebster award (thanks again Amy and Courtney!) a little bit ago, and i am now finally getting around to tackling their questions!

aaaaaannd i'm going to just dive right into the questions. hopefully i don't get haters on me, since i am not going to be doing a traditional "list 11 facts about me" or "tag 11 more bloggy friends". i did that here though, if you want to read about it. we'll call that Round 1.

from Amy over at Delineate Your Dwelling:

1. What 3 things most inspire you and your blog?
     >>i skipped this one, and am now back to tackle it last. this is so hard because i honestly try to pull ideas and inspiration from everywhere! speaking for design specifically, because that's what i would like this blog to be used for most, i'd say my top 3 inspirations are:
      1 • Pugly Pixel. she has so many awesome ideas and tutorials and new coding info to keep me on my toes when it comes to html design. i love her site!
      2 • B's toys. sounds silly, huh? but i am always trying to think "different yet fun" when it comes to design. seeing his legos scattered on the floor in a huge mess yesterday, helped me form an idea for a new blog background i'm currently working on! haha, so random things, everywhere, can really inspire me if i'm looking :)
      3 • Pinterest. probably a cheat answer because it's really a billion+ inspiring sources. this may be the biggest one-stop-shop source of inspiration for me, however, it can also be the biggest of time-wasters (more on this below)
2. What is something that you'd like to learn how to do?
     >>there's a lot, but playing the violin comes to my head first. my siblings all played/learned, but i play the piano.
3. Do you like your handwriting?
     >>haha, does any girl? so actually my handwriting changes all the time, and i do like it! but i am always trying to write in different styles to see what i love best. and while i'm thinking about handwriting: i freaking love typography.
4. What do you feel is your biggest time waster?
     >> Pinterest. that thing can suck me in faster than a tornado. but man, in her defense(yes Pinterest is a she), i've been able to get a zillion amazing ideas, tips, tutorials, and fashion sense i wouldn't have found on my own!
5. Why do you love blogging?
     >>1. i do it to record this awesome, crazy, trying, yet incredible life that my family and i are living! i print each year into a book(we have a family blog-not this one), and hope to do so for a very long time. i want my kids to be able to see what life was like for their dad and me, because i love reading stories about my parents!
(our latest family blog book i printed out in December. it is thick!)

2. i love writing. 3. here on this blog (Miss Audrey Sue), blogging/writing gives me an outlet to share my thoughts and creative projects/designs with people like you! (psst! have you seen my freebie page yet?)
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
     >>pink. i love pink (or maybe a nice coral shade?). always have, always will. i don't care if you think it's "too" girly.
7. What is your favorite place to go shopping?
     >>right now it's Gordman's, but also Target because of their strawberry/lemonade icey (and now i am craving one!), but i seriously love shopping so... anywhere!

maybe i should re-phrase that: i love shopping by myself. no offense to the baby boy, but man he can make things difficult (^here i am letting him pull EVERYTHING out of the diaper bag, just so i can have 5 minutes of peace and quiet to shop)! hahaha. you mommys know.
8. Are you a neat freak or do you tend to be a little messy?
     >>total neat freak AND perfectionist. although having a baby has made me realize that  it's OKAY to not have the floor clean 24/7!
9. What is your favorite blog (other than your own!!!!)?
     >>how can i narrow it to one?! mmmmk how about i'll give ya 4:
         lifestyle: Pillow Thought
         fashion: Cleverly Yours & One Little Momma (i can't chose just 1! but these two are both closest to              my style i think)
         fitness: The Hungry Runner Girl
         thought-provoking: Take June
10. Are you a procrastinator or a get-it-done kind of person?
     >>haha, i was definitely a "get-it-done" type of girl in high school and college. homework was always the first thing i wanted out of the way when i got home, and i was always making tons of "to-do" lists! now that i'm a little older (and wiser?), and have Bronx plus baby girl on the way, i still have a to-do list, but it doesn't get done nearly as fast as i'd like. but again, i'm realizing each day that that is okay. Bronx needs me a lot right now, and he won't nearly so much in 5 years or 10. i need to savor these moments while he is so sweet and little!

...it's okay that the vacuuming doesn't get done this week :)

from Courtney over at Highstreet Highlight:

What is your favorite candle scent?
     >>even though fall is my favorite season, and i do love a good apple cider scent, Salt City Pomegranate or Watermelon is my favorite. i come back to them every time. i'm just a lover of the fruity smells i guess?
Where are all the places you have traveled to and which was your favorite?
     >>ALL? you might get bored if i list them all, however, the hubs and i recently got to visit parts of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic....out of those places my favorite was a little town called Rothenburg (located in Germany).

What’s something you know you do differently than most people?
     >>gosh i don't know, i'm kind of an avid face-washer before bedtime? i cannot and WILL not go to sleep with my makeup on. just the thought makes me annoyed! haha. i've listed what face products i use here, if you want to check 'em out (i still love them all and swear by them!).
If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?
     >>oh easy! state=Idaho. laugh all you want, but it's seriously THEE greatest. i get all four full seasons, plus both our families live there/we grew up there, and it'd be nice to live close for holidays and big reunions (yes, we are currently getting over some home-sickness)!

Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?
     >>holy smokes. i cannot answer this! what?! why the hard questions? if i lost all my old memories, then how can i learn from my past mistakes? but if i was never able to make new ones...then i couldn't keep on growing and learning. so maybe the latter? ah! too hard!
Your idea of the perfect breakfast?
     >>I.H.O.P. stuffed french toast with strawberries on top (but eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, and OJ = homemade). i am obsessed a little more than i should be. this might have something to do with the fact that my hubby is not really a big breakfast fan(nooooo!). so i have cut down on the pancakes and waffles since being married. he does get credit though, for taking me there on my birthday each year! haha
What would you do for a Klondike bar?
     >>eh, i don't think i've ever had one actually. so i don't really know.
Do you have anything hanging on your walls? If so, what?
     >>yes siree i sure do: a big family pic (that needs to be updated as soon as little miss arrives!), a pic of Christ with some little children, a mirror...i'll just stop now and call it good :) those were the 3 most important i do believe.
What are you sitting on right now?
     >>i'm not sitting. i'm kneeling. because this baby girl gets sick of me sitting for too long! weird. i know.
What are you currently reading (school book, magazine, novel.. whatever it may be)?
     >>my parents just gave me this book for Christmas:

(Parenting with Love & Logic: are they trying to tell me something?!hahaha)

i am only in the second chapter, but so far so good :) i love reading in my "spare" time!
What is your lucky/favorite number and why?
     >>well, i never played a sport in high school (wait, does running cross-country for the school, in the summer, count? HA!), so i never had a "lucky" number by those standards. i have always loved odd numbers though, like 3 and 7. but not really had a favorite.

daaaaang that was a lot of questions. if you made it through them all, thanks for taking the time to read-i really do appreciate it!

(preggo selfie taken over the holiday)

...and now some questions for you! i'll ask my favorites:

* why do you love blogging?
* what is your biggest time-waster?
* if you could move to a different state right now, would you? which one? and why?