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nail art: not quite purple or blue

january can sometimes get boring. the big holidays are over, and you might still have unwanted snow outside your door (except for me, i would actually LOVE that right now! ha ha). you might get "cabin fever" or itch to start a new project, get anxiety, or feel unproductive since you're not trying to juggle 20 different tasks at once (the holidays can do that to us). something that keeps me sane during these mundane days, that takes no huge effort or purchase, is painting my nails. surprise surprise. adding a pop of color to my nails always makes me happy, so the other night when the babe was sleepin' and the hubby was playing basketball, i watched my recording of the Bachelor and painted away! I even did glitter toes, which i haven't in....forever. that was fun, and made me think i should do an updated post on it...click here to see the old way i used to do them!

as for my nails, here are the colors used:

• wet n wild: megalast, on a trip/en voyage(#213C) <<picked this up when i had to make a run into Walgreens. i swear the color was calling my name. it's not super purple or blue, but a perfect mix. i love it!
• pure ice: superstar
• salon perfect: silver sparkler(#603)
• new york color: long wearing nail enamel, etra shiny top coat(#271)

you can see it's already starting to chip, because i didn't take these photos right after. dang you hot water and dishes and everything else that makes them chip so fast. i think i need to look more at shellac options? oh, and i attempted to put a cute white heart on one nail using this tutorial i found on Pinterest:

 but when i peeled the tape off, the paint came up as well! i was ticked. maybe because the white polish i have is getting too old and thick? probably. i definitely want to try it again though with a different brand. anyways, the best part of these nails? today they match my outfit!

and don't you just feel cool and happy when you match? :) i am 30 weeks tomorrow...yeah baby! i can do this. i can do this.

*what makes you happy on dreary days?

*have you tried that pinterest tutorial i mentioned above? did it work for you?!

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