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blog design: Taylor: Party of 5

i have a new blog design i'm excited to share with you this morning! Annalee is a long-time family friend, and was also our wedding photographer waaaay back in the day (haha, okay so like only 6 years ago! i'm not that old!). anyways, i was so flattered she came to me to give her family blog a little makeover. her style is bomb, and we saw eye-to-eye on everything. take a peek:

you can also see her site over HERE in my portfolio, or go directly to her blog and check it out up close and in person! :) and psssst! besides doing photography on the side, she also is ah-MAZ-ing at diy projects. like, way good. she runs a site called White Place Flea Market, where her and her momma repurpose furniture, vintage finds, and home decor.

in other news, i can't believe it's freakin Thursday already. i mean, where did my week go?! sorry it's been quiet on the blog. i was playing catch-up on my family blog earlier this week, but i have all these ideas/projects started that i want to show and tell you about...soon, i promise! does a freebie sound good for tomorrow? cuz i'm thinkin it does...

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