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i need to craft more

it's been way too long since i used my Silhouette machine, and Sunday afternoon it was calling to me. i have been wanting to send out thank you cards for some Christmas goodies we received, and nothing says thank you more than a handmade, heartfelt card right? i got to work.

i drew up the vine/branches you see below with my tablet, and the font is Jacques & Gilles (that i mentioned in this post).

pssst! my new iphone case is from Society6, and they have some dang cute and unique designs if you're looking for something different. mine was a stocking-stuffer from Santa :) and i love it.

i created some other card designs using my Silhouette Studio. haha, yeah and a random birthday card.

these cute stamps i found in the dollar bin at Target or Walmart. i honestly don't remember, but i snatched up 5 different sets! they are so fun and personable i think.

Bronx was surprisingly good this entire afternoon! meaning, that while i crafted away to my hearts content, he played away next to me with his new toys (thank you Santa)!

later that evening after B was in bed, i decided to bust out the paints. oh MAN i have missed those! i forgot how calming and therapeutic it is to manually create something (verses web coding and drawing on a tablet). i even started reminiscing about my college days, and the many hours spent drawing and painting on the third floor of the Snow Building (BYUI campus). giant windows and lots of light, the smell of fresh paper and paint. i need to do this more often!

oh, and here are the finished cards. nothing hard or elaborate, but fun and easy. perfect :) my favorite is the ombre "thank you very much" one.

*it's Wednesday! any fun plans for the middle of the week? lots of packing going on over here, because we get to visit family this week in Idaho!

*do you like to make cards?

*do you have a favorite cell phone case?

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