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nail art: nail decals

over the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays i stumbled upon Made by Munchies's Mama's Etsy shop. the shop specializes in nail decals and when i saw them i instantly fell in love! i also jumped at buying some for half off when they were discounted on Cyber Monday :)

i used them all over the holidays and was not dissapointed in their quality. which is always a huge plus. i think i even love these better than the full nail decals like i've tried here and here. they are simple and easy to apply, and add the right pop of interest to my nail!

anyways, i sat down and did my nails Saturday night, and took decent pics Sunday morning, so here's the result:

i kept it simple this time with just one chevron/arrow on my ring finger. (you can see a couple more ideas of what i did at the end of this post)

the colors:
• new york color: long wearing nail enamel, extra shiny top coat (#271)
• china glaze: flip flop fantasy (#873)
• orly: (#LAB4402 <<sorry i can't find a name on my bottle!)

nail decails used: this listing, in white

i love these two colors.
here's some other pics of what i tried over the holidays:

isn't that moose the cutest thing ever? i love it. and love these decals!

* have you bought these before?!

* do you buy stuff on Etsy often?

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