friday freebie: 4 iphone wallpapers

you know those weeks where you feel good and get a lot accomplished? this was definitely one of those weeks for me. ah well, except for yesterday. here's a funny (yet slightly gross?) story for ya: yesterday i went in to take my glucose test, drank it...and threw it up a minute after i sat down to wait out the hour. whaaaa?! that did not happen when i took it with Bronx. it was like, no big deal then. this time though, oh man. that sugary orange drink was waaaaay too much for me. ha ha. so now i have to go in on Monday and try again. yes, i am dreading it already. and am annoyed at myself for not just holding it down for a stinkin' hour.

on to happier, slightly less gross stuff: i have some more fun Valentine wallpapers for your iphones! one of these days i need to sit down and actually design a real printable (like an 8x10). like real soon. and i also need to actually start decorating for Valentines day. i don't think i've ever waited this long to set up my table for a holiday. weird.

the goods and the details:

*for PERSONAL use only, thank you!

» if viewing from your phone, simply click the image you want and save it
» if viewing from your desktop, simply click the image, then right click and "save as". then transfer to mobile device. (i have found the fastest/easiest way to do this is through Dropbox)
» TIP: there have been some issues with the sizing of images/wallpapers in iOS-7. to fix it so your wallpapers can be viewed properly, simply go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>ACCESSIBILITY>REDUCE MOTION (turn ON). then you'll be good to go! and here is the article i found out how to do this, if you'd like to read it yourself :)

iphone wallpapers:

*have you ever thrown up the glucose test?! i hear i can maybe take jelly beans instead??

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  1. I sure hated those glucose tests! I barely passed the second kiddo one and had to do the three hour one, too. Ugh. Good luck!!

    1. thanks Amy! yeah, i'm hoping my stats are normal like last time....if i could have just taken the dang test the first time around! ha ha.

  2. I love these! so cute. I wish I could use them on my desktop!

    1. i know i need to step it up and make full sets (for iphone, ipad, and desktops)! maybe that will be a goal for next friday? :)


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