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Everyday Style - February

Another round of some of my outfits from February! We've been seeing more sunny days here in Utah and I've been able to sneak out with a tshirt on for errands a few days. Can't wait until I can run out of the house without putting 5 layers on my kids!

BLOUSE-Fancy Frills Boutique (it's nice, but i wouldn't buy again because it has a  hole in the back that i had to end up sewing/making smaller...) || JEANS-Buckle (Flying Monkey, dark wash, low rise....LOVE these jeans!) || BOOTIES-Cozy Bear Botique (similar)
TOP-Target(but it's sold out of this grey color i have on!) || LEGGINGS-Jane (similar) || BOOTIES-Target (old) (similar) || EARRINGS-N&S OLM BLush medium
SHIRT-don't remember (but it's white and basic so...anywhere?) || LEGGINGS-Jane (similar) || SHOES-Puma (old)(similar) || EARRINGS-N&S Signature Silver medium
SWEATER-Target (similar) || JEANS-Buckle || BOOTIES-Target (old) (similar)  || EARRINGS-N&S Gypsy Teal medium
TOP-Target(similar) || LEGGINGS-Jane (similar) || BOOTS-Gordmans (old) || EARRINGS-N&S Matte Gold medium
SWEATER-Gordmans (um, found in the GUYS clearance section! haha i loved it so i had to have it!) || JEANS-Gordmans(similar here) || BOOTS-Gordmans (old) || EARRINGS-N&S OLM BLush medium


TOP-DIY(tutorial here!) || JEANS-Target (old. my first ever skinny jeans...bahaha...you can read the post about how i got them, here!)

DIY: Windowpane Iphone Case

After seeing this pin all over, and not being able to find a direct link to buy the adorably chic Kate Spade version (and really, more like realizing that i just don't want to pay a ton of $$ for a phone case), i decided to make my own windowpane iphone case! totally on trend right now, and i love a good pattern.

You're right in thinking that it can't be that hard. it isn't. draw a few lines and you're good, right?  well, yep, basically. but here's what i did if you're curious to follow along and try yourself:


DIY iphone case windowpane3

white i phone case. i bought mine off Amazon, and here's the exact ones i get.
ultra fine point sharpie marker. i buy them in packs off Amazon here.
spray fixative. (not pictured) but trust me you need it! i used an old can i had laying around. but here's a good general use one.

DIY iphone case windowpane4

S T E P  1 • you'll start out drawing lines on your phone case with a pencil and ruler. i made my lines all 1/2 an inch apart. i drew them down (vertically), then across (horizontally). if you wanted a more whimsical look, ditch the ruler. however for the true windowpane effect, i wanted the ruler for crisp sharp lines and 90° angles!

DIY iphone case windowpane5

S T E P  2 • now you can go over the pencil with a Sharpie marker (using the ruler of course still)

S T E P  2 • here's where i messed up the first time around. i thought: "ahh i'm good-this marker will stay put"....HA! nope. after 2 days it looked like this. so i had to re-draw my lines and then i grabbed my can of fixative spray and gave it a coat. worked like a charm and now i have my own windowpane iphone case for waaaaaaay less than the original version. also, my hubby is happier i didn't buy that expensive case. so, win-win.

DIY iphone case windowpane6

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your own phone case. did you see the fabric iphone case i made? you can check that out here!

We Can Do Hard Things - Divorce

Today Ashley is sharing a post about divorce. I have been really looking forward to reading this because I recently had a little brother go through one last month. It was heartbreaking and not what we the family, well, at least the siblings (both sets of parents had known and were trying to help the best they could) expected. He broke the news to us around Christmas, and it has hung heavy on my heart since then. I wanted to say all the right things and help him, but didn't know how.

When Ashley asked for help with a quote to deliver with a  meal, or something uplifting for someone going through divorce, I really wanted to find the perfect phrase to pen. This is the quote I chose, and while I did think of my brother while creating it, I also reflected on my own journey to find the Light. I think this definitely applies to anyone in any dark moment. We all have them, and if we can get past/through those hard times, the light feels that much sweeter on the other side.


Head over to Ashley's post here to read and download this printable!

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

Are you a big fan of those traditional Valentine's Day conversation hearts? i'm not. but what i am a huge fan of? giant soft sugar cookies...that look like those mini candy hearts, but taste a zillion times better. i had a friend invite us over for a play date today, and we ended up making these yummy treats at her house.

She made the dough with a special recipe from her Grandma, and then the frosting was out of Sara and Kate's (Our Best Bites) Savoring the Seasons cook book (found here, i actually need to get my own copy-my mom and everyone i know owns it)! Here is an almost identical recipe to the buttercream frosting we made from their site...or maybe it is the same, i didn't look closely, haha!

valentine sugar cookies1

valentine sugar cookies xoxo

valentine sugar cookies2valentine sugar cookies lol

valentine sugar cookies3

The above pic was taken about 5 hot seconds after we left my friend's house. Bronx darted off one way, and Tinley ran the other. Into the road. So i lunged for her and forgot the plate of cookies I was holding in my other hand....so yep. if you're wondering if i was mad about it, i was. haha the only reason i can laugh now is because i made both kids go take late naps/have quiet time! i feel there is some other great underlying message about this pic, but my brain is kinda fried from all the whining that has gone on. so i will just leave you with this: there's really no reason to cry over broken-albeit cutely decorated-sugar cookies!

Marshmallow Cookie Sheet Brownies

this week has been full of birthday celebrations for my family, because two of my sisters turned one year older and wiser too :)

my mom has always been awesome at making our favorite meal or treat for us on our birthdays, and this year-instead of the traditional birthday cake-my sister Elise asked for marshallow cookie sheet brownies. oh my word you guys i haven't had these things in....forever. probably since i lived at home (uhhh, and that's now over 10 years! and no i totally did not just date myself...). i also asked my mom where she got this recipe, and she said that her mom got it years ago at a Relief Society activity.

so while i am not the master chef here, i couldn't resist snapping some pics of the brownies my mom sent us home with! and i have attached the recipe at the bottom of the post for you to download and try making yourself. they are oh so good. soft. chewy. chocolatey...

marshmallow cookie sheet brownie2 marshmallow-cookie-sheet-brownies1


4 Valentine Card Freebies

You guys are definitely going to want to hussle your little booties over to Ashley's blog to checkout her delicious cupcake recipe and download these 4 Valentine cards i created for you today!! I just had a blast making these, and i think this is the first time i have incorporated watercolor into my designs. i'm like, kicking myself that it's taken me this long to do! while i do love a clean modern look in any design, there's something just waaaay more fun about a card with a more natural, raw, handdrawn look! do you agree? i'll definitely be creating more like this. they feel more...me ♡