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We Can Do Hard Things - Divorce

Today Ashley is sharing a post about divorce. I have been really looking forward to reading this because I recently had a little brother go through one last month. It was heartbreaking and not what we the family, well, at least the siblings (both sets of parents had known and were trying to help the best they could) expected. He broke the news to us around Christmas, and it has hung heavy on my heart since then. I wanted to say all the right things and help him, but didn't know how.

When Ashley asked for help with a quote to deliver with a  meal, or something uplifting for someone going through divorce, I really wanted to find the perfect phrase to pen. This is the quote I chose, and while I did think of my brother while creating it, I also reflected on my own journey to find the Light. I think this definitely applies to anyone in any dark moment. We all have them, and if we can get past/through those hard times, the light feels that much sweeter on the other side.


Head over to Ashley's post here to read and download this printable!

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