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DIY: Windowpane Iphone Case

After seeing this pin all over, and not being able to find a direct link to buy the adorably chic Kate Spade version (and really, more like realizing that i just don't want to pay a ton of $$ for a phone case), i decided to make my own windowpane iphone case! totally on trend right now, and i love a good pattern.

You're right in thinking that it can't be that hard. it isn't. draw a few lines and you're good, right?  well, yep, basically. but here's what i did if you're curious to follow along and try yourself:


DIY iphone case windowpane3

white i phone case. i bought mine off Amazon, and here's the exact ones i get.
ultra fine point sharpie marker. i buy them in packs off Amazon here.
spray fixative. (not pictured) but trust me you need it! i used an old can i had laying around. but here's a good general use one.

DIY iphone case windowpane4

S T E P  1 • you'll start out drawing lines on your phone case with a pencil and ruler. i made my lines all 1/2 an inch apart. i drew them down (vertically), then across (horizontally). if you wanted a more whimsical look, ditch the ruler. however for the true windowpane effect, i wanted the ruler for crisp sharp lines and 90° angles!

DIY iphone case windowpane5

S T E P  2 • now you can go over the pencil with a Sharpie marker (using the ruler of course still)

S T E P  2 • here's where i messed up the first time around. i thought: "ahh i'm good-this marker will stay put"....HA! nope. after 2 days it looked like this. so i had to re-draw my lines and then i grabbed my can of fixative spray and gave it a coat. worked like a charm and now i have my own windowpane iphone case for waaaaaaay less than the original version. also, my hubby is happier i didn't buy that expensive case. so, win-win.

DIY iphone case windowpane6

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your own phone case. did you see the fabric iphone case i made? you can check that out here!

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