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Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

Are you a big fan of those traditional Valentine's Day conversation hearts? i'm not. but what i am a huge fan of? giant soft sugar cookies...that look like those mini candy hearts, but taste a zillion times better. i had a friend invite us over for a play date today, and we ended up making these yummy treats at her house.

She made the dough with a special recipe from her Grandma, and then the frosting was out of Sara and Kate's (Our Best Bites) Savoring the Seasons cook book (found here, i actually need to get my own copy-my mom and everyone i know owns it)! Here is an almost identical recipe to the buttercream frosting we made from their site...or maybe it is the same, i didn't look closely, haha!

valentine sugar cookies1

valentine sugar cookies xoxo

valentine sugar cookies2valentine sugar cookies lol

valentine sugar cookies3

The above pic was taken about 5 hot seconds after we left my friend's house. Bronx darted off one way, and Tinley ran the other. Into the road. So i lunged for her and forgot the plate of cookies I was holding in my other hand....so yep. if you're wondering if i was mad about it, i was. haha the only reason i can laugh now is because i made both kids go take late naps/have quiet time! i feel there is some other great underlying message about this pic, but my brain is kinda fried from all the whining that has gone on. so i will just leave you with this: there's really no reason to cry over broken-albeit cutely decorated-sugar cookies!

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