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Marshmallow Cookie Sheet Brownies

this week has been full of birthday celebrations for my family, because two of my sisters turned one year older and wiser too :)

my mom has always been awesome at making our favorite meal or treat for us on our birthdays, and this year-instead of the traditional birthday cake-my sister Elise asked for marshallow cookie sheet brownies. oh my word you guys i haven't had these things in....forever. probably since i lived at home (uhhh, and that's now over 10 years! and no i totally did not just date myself...). i also asked my mom where she got this recipe, and she said that her mom got it years ago at a Relief Society activity.

so while i am not the master chef here, i couldn't resist snapping some pics of the brownies my mom sent us home with! and i have attached the recipe at the bottom of the post for you to download and try making yourself. they are oh so good. soft. chewy. chocolatey...

marshmallow cookie sheet brownie2 marshmallow-cookie-sheet-brownies1


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