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Fall Phone Wallpapers

I thought I'd be more sad about summer coming to an end, but turns out, I really REALLY love the fall. I enjoy the change of seasons, the different smells, the excitement that the upcoming holidays bring. Not to brag or anything, but living in east Idaho, we do get pretty perfect sweater weather. And I love wearing a good thick sweater. Layering is my fave!

It's been embarrassingly too long since I shared some freebies with you guys. I'm pretty sad about it. Over the weekend I had some creativity hit, carved out some time (aka staying up past 12am...please tell me some of you mommas can relate?!) and I came up with these 5 backgrounds for your phone. I think they look best on your "lock-screen" setting, but you can use them however, obvi. Enjoy!

Here's how my desk looks most days. Clipboard + paper for doodles and sketching ideas. That little notebook serves the same purpose...pencils, markers, scrap paper and more notes...

» hello fall
» sweater weather
» fall + windowpane background
» falling leaves
» autumn
*for personal use only, thank you!

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