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Blog Design: Mr & Mrs Powell

I am beyond excited to be sharing this new blog design with you today. But first, a back story! Karina found me when I was pregnant with Bronx (my first) in 2011, via my family blog. I was not designing blogs for other people at that time, but in the back of my head I knew that someday I wanted to design for her! I think her style sense and Fit Friday posts were my fave (and still are!).

She's been such a fun online blogging friend, and then in 2015 we found out that her little brother was dating one of my cousins. Crazy and random right?! Well those two hit it off and Karina and I got to meet for the first time in person at their wedding last year! You guys. Karina is even more perfectly adorable in person...I know! It's crazy! But she's like the cutest thing, and so SO incredibly nice. Plus, yes her parent's house is bomb, and their play room is to die for...Bronx had a blast exploring that giant room!

Things clicked from the beginning of this design; we were both on the same page the whole way through. It almost shocked me how quickly and smoothly this process went! Here's how we started out with her design. The mood board:

From there I got to start designing some headers for her to look over:

And here's her final branding board, where you can see what fonts were used and the pattern i created for her site:

If there's one thing that I really, really get annoyed by when reading blogs? It's a non-mobile template where I have to scroll in on the text and move back and forth across the screen...torture! I think the second thing would be a bad design (geez i feel bad even writing that out! i promise i am not a blog snob, but honestly, don't those things bother you too?!). So I always, always make sure to create a beautiful design for my clients that is mobile friendly! You can see Karina's different views below for desktop, ipad, and phone:

If you've been hanging around here for a while, you'll know that Blogger is my favorite platform. I know, shocker. It's where I started in 2007 and feel most comfortable. Even after doing the major switch myself to Wordpress for this blog....I still question it (another topic for another day!). I know there are limitations when it comes to using Blogger vs Wordpress.com, but I strongly believe that you can still have a beautifully functioning site on Blogger! It's all about that code and knowing it backwards and forwards. This is the first time that I added in a mega menu dropdown option on a Blogger blog (see image above). And I was STOKED to do it! We are such visual people, and being able to see the labels/categories/topics on the left there, and the post images on the right...it's a game changer you guys.

Definitely go check out her new site for yourself here!
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At Kaleb and Adria's wedding summer of 2015, Karina was pregnant with little Luke! Does anyone else wish they had her hair?!

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