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blog design: On the Daily EXPRESS

if you didn't see it the other day on Instagram, here is one of the most recent blog designs i was lucky enough to do. Gina was fantastic to work with, and i may be a little biased because...she's my aunt! she's that one aunt i think every one of us nieces looked up to (wait, still do!) for style tips, and i always remember her painting our nails at family gatherings.

when Gina happened to be in town for a visit a few months back, we got to talking about blogging. you guys. she hadn't even told anyone in the fam that she had this awesome little piece of her life on the good 'ole internet here. whaaa?! i was dying when i found out. so OF COURSE i wanted to design her a new site. hah! take a look below at how it turned out.

Gina wanted to keep a very minimal design look and feel; clean and simple, one that was streamlined yet still professional looking. it was fun (and really good) for me to step out of my very girly and feminine design mode to create that desired effect for her! here's the mood board we started with:

for a better look, go check out Gina's site here!

take a look at my portfolio here (want your own custom design? go here!)

it's Monday! what do you have going on this week? i'm gearing up for a bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, and baptism all to come within the next 2 weeks! if you follow me on instagram you can catch some of the sneak peeks of what i'm working on for those exciting events! :)

friday favs and moving forwards

so i'd like to start a little "friday faves" here on the blog in hopes that-besides giving you some fun visual content-i can share some products, clothes, or inspiration that i'm obsessed with currently. and maybe you'll find something you love too! i'm sure if you've been in the blogging world you know that these types of posts are not new, but i hope you stick around to find out a little more about me.

and  H E Y   H I   H E L L O  to all you new readers! i'm pretty excited to see you!

» shirt = Ross. and that's a huge deal for me because i feel like i NEVER find anything cute for me at that store!
» contact cases = Color Case® Contact Lens Case....i can't find a good link for these you guys! but they are the cutest/funnest ones i've seen in a while! i've been totally loving color-block anything, and i just had to grab these when i saw them at Walmart.

» quote = found on Pinterest via here. i have been putting a lot of thought into this little space of mine lately, and am about to plow ahead with something (that i think!) is a big deal. i love designing blogs and i love even more when others get excited about their online space as much as me!  :)

DIY: iphone case with fabric

This post has been a long time coming, because I actually bought these phone cases back last year when we lived in Albuquerque. So yeah. It feels like forever ago. And anyways, each time we move I see them in my "craft crap" box (as my husband so generously labels it), and I get the urge to decorate them. Today was that day! More specifically, I whipped out this little DIY project this morning, before both babes woke up. Even better.

s u p p l i e s

» 1 blank/white iphone casei bought mine off Amazon Prime here )

» fabric of choice ( i was making another project with this gold cheetah/lepard print, and had extra so thought...PERF. it's just from Walmart )

» some Mod Podge

» a foam brush

» some super glue ( this is totally optional. the Mod Podge actually held way better than I thought it would, but i added some super glue to the corners of the fabric-outside and inside the case- to hold as even more reinforcement )

» an xacto knife ( not pictured! but i did use this at the VERY end, after everything had dried, to cut off more fabric inside the corners, so that my phone would fit better! )

1. I set the phone on top of the fabric (pattern side down), just eye-balled it, and cut. I did make sure to leave a little more fabric on the sides than less...because it's always easier to cut off then add on ;)

2. I took a pen and traced a hole for the camera and side buttons. Then carefully cut them out.

3. I glued the front and insides of the case. Then I cut a little more fabric from the top and bottom.

4. Glued the ends and corners and let dry. Then I took my xacto knife and cut more fabric away from the INSIDE corners, to let my phone slip into the case easier. Here is where I also added some super glue to the corners, to solidify it all.

There are seriously so many great options for making your own phone case, and of course the best part (if you're using supplies from around the house/that you already have)...it saves you some $$! Which I'm all about right now.

» are you following me on Pinterest? i have a good collection of pins over there, and some more fun phone case ideas on this board!

diy 4th of july nautical nails + silhouette file for decals!

does it feel weird to anyone else that it's July already? it totally doesn't feel like the holiday weekend is coming up...but maybe that's just me? maybe i will feel more "festive" once i finally pack for our mini getaway this weekend! (packing is the woooooorst.....)

i have a quick nail art idea today, along with the Silhouette file i created, so that you can create your own patriotic nails to show off this Saturday! I was browsing Pinterest late last night while watching Into the Woods, and found the idea for these HERE.

the colors:
• sinful colors: snow me white (#101)
• new york color: big apple red (#131)
• china glaze: frostbite (#634)
• new york color: matte me crazy top coat

 go HERE to download the Silhouette file and create your own! along with the nautical anchors and stripes, i also added some large and small stars. you'll totally love them!

*see more of my nail art ideas HERE!

* have you seen that movie (Into the Woods)? my husband does NOT love musicals, but i totally do. i didn't realize how many awesome actors and actresses were in it...okay i went into it not knowing anything about it but that it was a musical. and yes, while totally weird, i loved it! haha

* follow me on instagram @missaudreysuedesigns to see what else i'm up to!