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friday favs and moving forwards

so i'd like to start a little "friday faves" here on the blog in hopes that-besides giving you some fun visual content-i can share some products, clothes, or inspiration that i'm obsessed with currently. and maybe you'll find something you love too! i'm sure if you've been in the blogging world you know that these types of posts are not new, but i hope you stick around to find out a little more about me.

and  H E Y   H I   H E L L O  to all you new readers! i'm pretty excited to see you!

» shirt = Ross. and that's a huge deal for me because i feel like i NEVER find anything cute for me at that store!
» contact cases = Color Case® Contact Lens Case....i can't find a good link for these you guys! but they are the cutest/funnest ones i've seen in a while! i've been totally loving color-block anything, and i just had to grab these when i saw them at Walmart.

» quote = found on Pinterest via here. i have been putting a lot of thought into this little space of mine lately, and am about to plow ahead with something (that i think!) is a big deal. i love designing blogs and i love even more when others get excited about their online space as much as me!  :)

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