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blog design: On the Daily EXPRESS

if you didn't see it the other day on Instagram, here is one of the most recent blog designs i was lucky enough to do. Gina was fantastic to work with, and i may be a little biased because...she's my aunt! she's that one aunt i think every one of us nieces looked up to (wait, still do!) for style tips, and i always remember her painting our nails at family gatherings.

when Gina happened to be in town for a visit a few months back, we got to talking about blogging. you guys. she hadn't even told anyone in the fam that she had this awesome little piece of her life on the good 'ole internet here. whaaa?! i was dying when i found out. so OF COURSE i wanted to design her a new site. hah! take a look below at how it turned out.

Gina wanted to keep a very minimal design look and feel; clean and simple, one that was streamlined yet still professional looking. it was fun (and really good) for me to step out of my very girly and feminine design mode to create that desired effect for her! here's the mood board we started with:

for a better look, go check out Gina's site here!

take a look at my portfolio here (want your own custom design? go here!)

it's Monday! what do you have going on this week? i'm gearing up for a bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, and baptism all to come within the next 2 weeks! if you follow me on instagram you can catch some of the sneak peeks of what i'm working on for those exciting events! :)

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