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DIY: carseat cover tutorial

36 weeks you guys! ahhhh! i am officially in that "nesting" stage and hauling my butt to get everything done that i want/need to before this little miss arrives. last week i was able to get to Hobby Lobby and gather up a ton of cute fabrics (if you follow me on Facebook, then you already know this and saw them!). and in between some custom blog designs, i was able to finish up my first project! behold, the carseat cover:

super girly right? i am in love (yes, with everything pink). okay so before i go much further, i need to make it clear that the idea for this tutorial comes from Calli via Make it Do found HERE <<so that is the tutorial i used, but didn't round the edges/corners like she did. i actually came across her tutorial when i was pregnant with Bronx, and i made his with the rounded corners (which i managed to somehow screw up, and need my mother-in-laws help to fix...). this time around i pulled up her tutorial page, but kind of just went at it and the end result differed slightly, and was better than i thought...or basically i was just proud i didn't screw anything up/need help. hah! and if you know me, then you know i am NOT a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination. so this says a lot, and if i can do it then you can too!

▲ 1 and 1/3 yard fabric for top (i chose the black and white damask cotton)
▲ 1 and 1/3 yard fabric for bottom (i chose hot pink minky)
▲ fabric scissors
▲ sew on Velcro
(and of course you'll need a sewing machine and some thread!)

...ps: sorry i don't have great in-the-moment pictures for each step! i wasn't planning on sharing this, so...i made Photoshop images instead that should still be helpful!

step 1: i cut my backing/minky fabric first (ps: minky is not the funnest of fabrics to work with...) down to 41"x33"

step 2: i layed down my top black/white damask fabric next to that, and decided how much of the pink minky i wanted to show on each side. i chose to cut my damask fabric to 31"x33" and then with the left over minky fabric i cut out two strips that were about 33"x5" (tip: be SURE if you are using a fabric with a print, that you make sure the print is going the way you want it to run! for example, i almost made my damask print run horizontal instead of vertical. man, i would have freaked if i'd have done that. so just be aware!)

step 3: sewing! (oh joy) i took my top damask fabric and one of the minky ends, placed them right side in, pinned them together, and sewed a straight line all the way down (about 1/4" in from the end). i then did the same with the other side so it looked like this:

step 4: (i was getting excited at this point because i could see it coming together!) i then layed my top and bottom fabrics together right-sides facing each other, and pinned them together

step 5: i started in the middle of one of the long sides, and went all the way around but stopped leaving about a 5-10" gap open. then i pulled it right-sides out, and finished sewing it shut

if you're like me, you'll feel like a master seamstress and like you could conquer any crazy sewing project at this point. you'll be so happy! but then you'll remember...


step 1: cut 4 strips of your top fabric (or backing or whatever you want. i wanted my straps to blend and match the top damask fabric, so i used that) to 3"x7"

step 2: take 2 of those strips of fabric and place them right sides in, and sew all the way around, leaving one of the 3" ends open. stop and pull it right side out, and then sew up the end (you can fold/tuck/iron in the ends a little to make it look better). do the same with the other 2 strips.

step 3: cut your velcro to fit on the strap. remember to place one piece of velcro on each side of the fabric strap (that way they match up when you wrap it around your carseat handle/bar)

step 4: attach to carseat cover! i placed mine about 21.5" in from the front and 7" apart (you may want to adjust how far apart your straps are or aren't, depending on your carseat handle):

i was soooo happy when i finished sewing these straps on you guys. the final touch i wanted to add was the bows, that i saw on another carseat cover here.

*you can find more of my sewing projects/tutorials HERE

*do you like to sew?

*do you have a sewing project you're working on right now? i still want to sew 2 blankets before she arrives, and some burp cloths!

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