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spring fashion: coral + chic floral

you guys. besides getting a major case of this thing called "nesting", i have major "spring fever" right now. but instead of going out and blowing all my moneys, i decided to round up a few items i am loving/have had my eye on currently, and share them with you! ...okay, and one or two may end up being purchased by the end of this week...
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...i am in LOVE with that cell phone case, and need some cuter sandals to wear everyday besides just flip flops.

we have been having some pretty awesome weather down here, and i will most likely be busting out my box of shorts by the end of the week. not that i'll really be able to fit into any of them (dang preggo thighs!)...but it gets me excited for spring all the same. something else that put me into "spring mode"? i actually just bought my first official "big girl" sunglasses over the weekend. i know. whaaaa? i have this thing (fear?) that all sunglasses don't look good on me because i have a small oval face. for some reason i just think they look cute/awesome/whatever on everyone else...but i snatched up a pair the other day, and decided i was sick of squinting while pushing Bronx on our daily walks. i seriously almost cry because the sun gets so bright down here. haha, but i love it (the sunshine-not the crying/eyes watering)!

here are said sunglasses and yeah, the bump. or rather giant watermelon:

*what is your favorite spring accessory?

*do you love wearing sunglasses?

*do you love daylight savings? i am loving that it is lighter longer now! and that it doesn't feel as late when my hubby gets home!


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