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keeping it real: where i work

hi guys! i guess today's post is for the night owls. haha. i totally had this almost all ready to post at 10 this morning, and then other things came up :)
i've been wanting to share with you all where i "go to work" on your blog designs each day, and well, tada! here it is:

super glamorous right? haha. i wish! part of the reason i decided to share this with you now (even if i was slightly embarrassed because it's nothing fancy), is because i wanted to keep it real. this is upstairs in our house, in our loft/toy room area. so that means this is also where my little sidekick plays all day and where we mostly hang out. i love it because 1. it's always so bright up here/has awesome lighting and 2. it's open. i hate working in rooms/confined spaces! the wall opposite overlooks our family room, which is another thing i love, because if i'm working on a design late at night and my hubby is downstairs playing xbox, we can still talk/see each other and not feel like we are rooms apart. is that nerdy? hah. it works for us, so i don't even care.

we are renting this house, because we aren't sure if we want to stay here forever AND because we wanted to get a feel for the area first before we buy/if we buy. anyways, so that's another excuse as to why i haven't painted the walls or become more adventurous as to making this little "office" space more girly and more me.

so this desk. go ahead and laugh (my sis-in-laws did, haha). growing up, my dad put together a desk like this and we were always doing projects and homework and crafts on it. so when we moved here and had more room, i knew i wanted a big open desk space like that again to work on. because i didn't want to go out and buy something too huge and fancy right now, i opted for my dad's desk version. the top is just a counter top from Home Depot, the 3 "legs" -one on each side and one in the back (hidden behind the file cabinet) - are also from Home Depot, just cut up a 9"x12' board into 28" long sections. they are attached with simple "L" brackets...and then obviously we got the file cabinet (from Walmart).

that white board is what keeps me organized. i put everything on it, and in that pic up top that i took yesterday afternoon, it actually looks pretty bare! that's because i'm slowing down on my custom designs to get ready for this Little Miss to arrive!! the wall shelves are a huge help because they keep my desk space/work space free for other projects, like when i use my Silhouette SD.

that folding table (on the far right) i actually just brought upstairs last night so i could pull out my sewing machine and work on some new projects (and ps: i just finished one last night that i can't wait to show you guys)!

here is a typical shot of what my desk looks like on a daily basis: ▲ a plate from a snack i've eaten while Bronx is napping ▲ fonts i've written down on a napkin (from said snack) while creating a header for someone ▲ my little book of quotes, where i pull inspiration from when creating freebies ▲ a book i'm reading ▲ a book Bronx loves me to read to him (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer-he is obsessed. and yes i know it's March) ▲ my bamboo tablet ▲ other random papers of people's custom orders (i like to write these out and hang them up on my whitboard so i can see them instead of going back and forth from my email) ▲ and i think i spy my iphone charging cord

anyways that's it! hope you liked seeing a little peek at where i am everyday!

*do you have a work space at home that you love?

*it's Friday night! what have you been up to? we met with friends at Cold Stone for some yummy ice cream, just got home and put Bronx to bed, and in a few minutes will probs start a Netflix movie or something... :)


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