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flip flop fantasy + some nail bling

lately, i've been going through our camera and phones and transferring about a zillion pictures to our hard drive. in the process, i came across some nails i did right before i started packing everything up - so the end of August/ beginning of September - and i seriously think this is the last time i painted them. ridiculous! i know. i know. but don't freak, because i DID paint them Saturday night while watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (isn't that the best one?) with the hubby!  i just haven't had time to stop, but i definitely feel like i'm hitting a good groove now. so hopefully some fun holiday nail ideas soon?! yes please.

okay enough. the pics:

both the China Glaze polish and Trendy Nail Wraps are from Sally's. i remember running in there one day specifically looking for this polish (Flip Flop Fantasy), because i was seeing it everywhere over the summer, and it just looked so darn awesome. on my way to the check out of course i stopped and skimmed over the $1 section, and saw these little beauties (the nail wraps) so i grabbed them! 

like the Jamberry Nails (see here), they were easy to apply, but i wanted to try something different, and use a technique a friend had told me about. this is why you see nail glue in that top pic. haha, yes, i did glue the decal to my nail! it worked, so hey. i topped everything with a coat of NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel(#271). i'm pretty much in love with this color, and i swear it could make any girl look tanner. does that sound weird? yea, but it's true! ha.

*do you have Flip Flop Fantasy?

*oh my heck it's NOVEMBER?! what's your favorite food this month? basically everything is my favorite food, but my top loves are: cinnamon rolls, apple cider or hot chocolate...you know, all those make-your-home-smell-cozy-foods!

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