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back in action and my new site

oh heeeeey my friends! what? i was gone for too long? you thought i'd never return? nooooo. that's not like me. what in the heck have i been doing?! oh, i'll tell ya. but where to start...

...i guess a good place is that we moved!....and were homeless for about a month while we stored allllll of our stuff at my parent's house (don't worry, it was in a trailer), and went on a MUCH needed vacation. to Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic!! it. was. insane. insanely awesome, a good eye-opening experience, and just plain fun. but dang. it sure made me happy to be an American! :)

so we moved south, and got to drive through 5 states to get here (yep, don't want to do that again!), but we are finally settled into our new home! and whew. there is NO place like home. and it's just so darn great to sleep on my own pillow again! take a looksie:

we have way too much space than we know what to do with. and i would love to personally thank whoever invented the 3 car garage. 

some other big news (like, the main big news over here)? i opened up my new design site!

 i have it linked up there in my navigation bar under "blog design". so if you click on that, you can go take see what i've been up to in between all the packing and moving and playing.

oh yea. and Bronx wants to say something too:

come April 2014. we are excited.


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