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5 things that might make you smile

the following are incidents that have happened to me over the past 2 months (basically since i've been away). as each one happened, i would think: okay, i need to remember this so i'm not the only person laughing and feeling stupid alone. ha. so maybe you can relate? i'll just dive right in.

1. forgetting to take my glasses off before i shower. i wear my glasses at night, and sometimes i take my shower at night. (it makes it easier for me in the mornings with Bronx...especially Sunday mornings!) anyways, i hopped in and BAM i was blinded with fog on my lens's. yep, i felt pretty cool right about then.

2. trying to spit as i run, while letting the stroller veer off course. i think the two elderly ladies ahead of me got a kick out of this one. i just leaned out to spit in the grass (cuz, you know, i feel bad spitting on the sidewalk..) and the next thing i know Bronx and his stroller are being rammed into a wild bush in the opposite direction (Oregon has a ton of these all over..). good thing he's a tough little babe. and good thing it wasn't poison oak.

3. forgetting to shave a leg. not forgetting both legs. just one. this has NEVER happened to me! i blame my pregnant brain.

4. being mistaken for a dog and getting whacked in the face. random? oh yeah. there i was peacefully falling asleep in our bed when i hear "umngrr...TANK!" and then WHACK. Kevin's hand/arm comes dive-bombing onto my face. "Oh sorry babe! i thought you were Tank!" uhhhh. you see, sometimes Tank - our little shih tsu - sleeps on our bed (i know, sorry you non-dog-lovers!), and sometimes he annoys Kevin. it didn't hurt as much as it sounds and we actually ended up laughing ourselves to sleep this night.

5. this gum:

please tell me you remember it too! the mr. saw it at a candy store in Idaho, and immediately grabbed it. no big deal that it looses flavor after 5 chews, the big prizes are definitely the tattoos inside.

*can you relate to anything here?!

*what is your favorite type of gum? i don't know if i really have one, but the hubby always buys the Extra Spearmint kind. without fail. he claims it as the best.


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