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t-shirt logo for youth trek

monday afternoon i got a call asking if i would be able to help throw together a logo, to put on the front pocket of some youth t-shirts. it was a fast-kind of emergency-request and i'm happy i was able to help!

i was given the pioneer people and handcart image to work with for this project, so i definitely don't take credit for that! however, i did add the lines dividing the cart from the packaged goods, and the small line that divides the woman's back from the goods, as well as the ground they are "walking" on. and then the text and circle outline-foreground and background. yada yada.

the youth for our church are going to be going on a trek at the end of July. for those that don't know, this is a fun experience where they pull handcarts like our pioneers/ancestors for a week. they follow their trails (think Lewis and Clark), and build great team working skills and create fun memories! all of my siblings have done one of these, and i have always been so sad that i never got to. so i was happy i could help contribute to this project!

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