nails: blue triangles

i am speaking in my church this Sunday. and i am kind of freaking out about it. besides trying to write the "perfect" talk, i am trying to find the perfect outfit. because hello! i don't want to sound dumb or look dumb. hah. yes that did sounds superficial. but i promise i'm not :) i just want to look nice while speaking. and that ain't no crime. i still don't know what top to wear, but i do know what skirt i'll be wearing. it's a royal blue one from Maurices i picked it up 2 years ago, and it's kind of like this one (but ya know, blue).

of course i want to have my nails match, so here's what i did with them:

the colors:

i know it looks like a lot of polish, but like last time, i promise it really isn't! 

• maybelline new york // color show, pacific blues #985 (my first time using this brand and i loved it. i only used one coat of this!)
• pure ice, starstruck
• new york color // mattifying top coat, matte me crazy
• new york color // long wearing nail enamel, extra shiny top coat #271
• aero // live love dream, new years bash (got this at Aeropostale during Christmas time)

and here, my friends, is my first picture "nail how to":

paint your base coat (i chose white-make sure to let this layer dry completely! because i don't have big chunks of time, i usually will do this part one day, and finish the top design the next day), tape off your nail tips to form a triangle, paint them (let dry completely!), take of tape and put your top coat on....tada! i chose to use the matte coat for my blue nails, and the shiny for the gold. i also had to do 3 layers of the gold to make sure it was bold enough :)

*what is the color on your nails currently?

*when was the last time you spoke in front of a large audience?
i will be sooooo relieved at 10am this Sunday. aka when i'm done speaking...Sunday can't come soon enough (i want to just get it over with already, can you tell?)! haha


  1. Great job Audrey! I've attempted nail art before and it's just never been successful. I'll leave that to the pros like yourself. :)

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    1. haha thanks Sarah-but i'm definitely no pro :)

  2. Audrey: I found your blog through The Sullenger's blog. :) and noticed your nails. There are awesome wraps out there called Jamberry Nails
    ( ) I can send you some samples or half a sheet to try and then give your honest opinion on your blog! janegoergen at gmail dot com. Let me know what you think, but I think you'll love them!

    1. um, YES please! i would LOVE to try those out Jane! they sound awesome!

  3. what a fun idea! i usually don't have the patience to be creative with my're inspiring. love your blog, new follower!

    1. thanks Carissa! i'm glad you found me :) and i will be emailing you back very soon!


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