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fun Lettering Delight fonts

i have this thing for fonts. i love them. i love collecting them, i love looking at them, and i love decorating with them. ever since i can remember, i have been fascinated by type and have tried to change my handwriting to match the wide variety of styles out there. don't know what it is, but it is one of THE funnest things to me! hah :) i am dying to get an ipad just for the sole reason of being able to purchase this app and create my own fonts to use in my design work (hubby if you are reading this...HINT HINT). anyways, so yea i love fonts. and today i wanted to share some fun ones from Lettering Delights!

here are all of their links. just click to check each one out:

ld dear diary •  ld this way  •  ld wild child • ld spudster • ld loud larry • ld telegram • ld modern mix •  ld rock on • ld hacker • ld funky chunky

*have you heard of Lettering Delights?

*do you have the ifontmaker? something like it? 
i want to hear what you think!

//disclaimer...or whatever you want to call it: this is not a sponsored post/no one told me to write it. however, i am an affiliate of Lettering Delights (you can see this in my sidebar). i  honestly love their products and wanted to share their coolness with you today!//

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